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Scientific study shows channeling in the Dira Method has significant statistical effect on the brain

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The Institute of Noetic Sciences Discovery Lab (IONS) in California collected measures during Dira channeling states and normal mind-wandering states and analyzed the data for any differences between the two conditions in a study that was approved by the Institute of Noetic Sciences Institutional Review Board.

Comparing Dira channeling and mind-wandering, the average scores of participants show evidence that demonstrates that the brain waves, generalized across the brain, are different in channel using the Dira method compared to that of a non-channel mind-wandering state, as described in the below report.

Following this study, Dira is referenced in the book The Science of Channeling as a method that scientifically has shown evidence that channeling is possible and causes a shift in brain activity and mentions Dira's method as a method for people to learn how to channel. (Click on book image for link)

See the results of the study in the below report.

Website Dira IDL Report with EEG
Download PDF • 1.72MB

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