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Scientific study shows channeling in the Dira Method has significant statistical effect on the brain

Updated: Apr 30

The Institute of Noetic Sciences Discovery Lab (IONS) in California collected measures during Dira channeling states and normal mind-wandering states and analyzed the data for any differences between the two conditions in a study that was approved by the Institute of Noetic Sciences Institutional Review Board.

Comparing Dira channeling and mind-wandering, the average scores of participants show evidence that demonstrates that the brain waves, generalized across the brain, are different in channel using the Dira method compared to that of a non-channel mind wandering state, as described in the below report.

Following from this study, Dira is referenced in the book The Science of Channeling as a method that scientifically has shown evidence that channeling is possible and causes a shift in brain activity, and mentions Dira's method as a method to for people to learn how to channel. (Click on book image for link)

See results of study in below report.

2019-0077 Formatted(2)
Download PDF • 42KB

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