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The Dira Experience

Dira offers a practice, a way of seeing the world, a community, and a way of living.
Join us and

live the magnificent possibility

Dira Experiences

International Retreats

Experience a channeled retreat in an international location. These retreats may be online or in person. Live retreats are always channeled and cater to the energy & intention of the registered participants.


Connect with Dira members all over the world, and experience the love, belonging and friendships that Dira fosters and nurtures through the Membership Program.


Buy our digital and hardcopy channeled books. These books offer an insight into the wisdom of channel, and guidance. Books are available for both children and adults.

The Level Program

The foundational 7 Level program of Dira. The Level Program is the training program to embody your light over approximately a 3 year period.

Dira Kids

Children and teens from age 4 to 18 can benefit from Dira Kids through our private sessions, online programs and live events, workshops & retreats. The kids program helps children step into their light.

Learn how to channel

Get access to the channeling Induction for FREE. Knowing how to channel is the foundation of all of Dira's offerings, and enables someone to tune into their inner light.

Channeled Q&A

Recorded audio sessions of questions posed to Lubna Kharusi's channel. Subjects cover a vast range of topics from metaphysics, current events, relationships & healing.

Private Sessions

Book a private session and experience a customised session to help you with your specific needs. Sessions can be facilitated in various languages depending on the facilitator.

Corporate Programs

Dira caters for corporate events or programs that aim to benefit staff and leadership with overcoming the issues that they face in the workplace. The corporate programs are tailor made for each organisation and their needs.

The Dira Detox

Manage your energy with the Dira Detox that eliminates meat, shellfish, eggs, soya, nuts, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and psychotropic drugs.

Guided sessions

Channeled exercises and guided sessions for all aspects of life and transmutation. They include exercises for personal as well as collective transmutation.

Live Events

Live events can be online or in person, and can include LIVE, sessions, gatherings, workshops and more.

Become a Member TODAY!

Dira membership is the most cost-effective way to benefit from Dira. To find out more about the benefits of membership, click below.

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