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Important Basics

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Unlock your supernatural potential by connecting with Divine consciousness in our Basic Channeling Workshop.

This workshop serves as the cornerstone of all Dira's programs, offering an enlightening introduction to our unique channeling method. 

Channeling is the key to tapping into your intuition and accessing intangible senses, allowing you to establish a profound connection with Divine Source energy. At Dira, we empower you with straightforward techniques to unlock this connection with clarity, safety, and on your own terms.

Join us in this transformative journey and let your connection to the Divine unfold. 

Your supernatural capacity awaits.


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Experience a transformative journey with our new and exhilarating Dira retreat – a gateway to unlocking your full potential and shedding the masks that conceal your true self. It's time to embrace the life your soul has always yearned for, to live authentically, and to discover your own truth. At Dira, we believe that retreats hold the power to ignite profound change, and this one is no exception.

Access to the transformative experience from the comfort of your own space and pace in this Digital Program.

Don't miss your chance to embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth with Dira. Your authentic life awaits.

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Elevate your daily practice with our album of seven transformative guided meditations channeled by Dira's Founder, Lubna Kharusi. 

These sessions offer a unique opportunity to step into a state of pure bliss and begin a lifelong journey of a daily channeling practice.

Commit to a week of daily practice and make channeling an integral part of your daily life to experience profound shifts in how you feel, setting the stage for a lifetime of positive transformation.  You'll realign with your true self and infuse the divine vibration into every aspect of your life.

Start your transformative journey today.

Daily Practice

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Join us for our Monthly LIVE ONLINE Sunday Session with the Lubna Kharusi on the 1st Sunday of every month.

Experience an insightful journey as Lubna channels a message for the group, guides you through a transformative channeling session, and answers your questions. Lubna, renowned as one of the most gifted channelers today, has dedicated thousands of hours to channeling diverse subjects.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness her live channeling in this exclusive monthly event for an extraordinary experience. 


Recordings of previous sessions are also available here for FREE.


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"For Humanity" is a collection of channeled poetry by Lubna Kharusi, offering profound insights into human existence, purpose, and the journey to Oneness. 

These channeled poetic verses serve as a beacon of wisdom and love, guiding humanity into a new era.

Within these pages, you will discover timeless guidance, a gift from the Divine perspective. It reminds you that you are never alone; you are eternally embraced in an unbounded love and that each holds within them an inner radiance that is eager to be expressed and communicated through your existence.


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Book a private session for an exclusive, personalised channeling experience. What sets our private sessions apart is their inherent adaptability. Each session is conducted in the channel, ensuring that it's uniquely customised for you; the facilitator in channel intuitively understands what is perfect for your journey and tailors the exercises accordingly. 

You will be guided through the channeling process while

During these sessions, you'll receive invaluable tools and techniques to navigate a wide range of emotions, challenging situations, limiting beliefs, and assisted in the release of any blockages that hinder your ability to channel effectively.

Start your personalised transformative journey today.


The Dira Advanced Channeling Workshop covers many of the standard Dira Channeling Protocols, providing tools to help you shift your life and your relationships. 

This digital program is facilitated by the Founder of Dira, Lubna Kharusi.

Dira Protocols covered include:

Core Belief Release, Emotional Resolutions, Entity Release, Using the Elements, Channeling for Healing, Balance & Energy Recalibration, Ancestral Healing, Accessing Other Consciousness, Programming & more.

This retreat is included in Dira Membership and is FREE for our members.


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