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The Channeled Q&A  sessions by Lubna Kharusi, Forums & Groups are available to Dira Members only.

Lubna Kharusi is one of the clearest channelers of Source on earth today. Channel provides a comprehensive perspective on various topics, covering themes such as physical healing, metaphysical concepts, and current events. The questions and answer sessions are from LIVE group sessions and have been selected from the thousands of group sessions in the Dira library.


You can also ask your own questions to Lubna's channel in upcoming LIVE events. See the Events Calendar for more information.

We seek to continuously update this section of the website, as and when we have the resources to go through the Dira library and upload as much of it to the website as possible. By subscribing to the paid membership you help support this process of making this wisdom available and accessible. If you would like to make a contribution or donation, please click below.

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