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To access more guided sessions, you need to be a Dira Member or you can purchase the below albums.

Members can access the below albums of guided sessions by clicking below

These guided exercises are recorded from LIVE sessions. Dira is a way of living, and so what you hear in these sessions is life happening, and a demonstration of how channeling is integrated into living life. They are authentic, real, and not staged in a production studio. We have tried to edit out the background noise as much as possible, like dogs barking (usually Yogi & Dorge), birds chirping, children playing, laughter, wind and the ocean, construction next door, and so forth. However, instead of being distracted, allow these noises to help you feel like you are here with us at Dira, in person, and enjoy the sounds, and feel the love. The vibration is real. 

The database of guided sessions cover a vast number of aspects of energy transmutation. Almost all of the sessions are from recordings of LIVE sessions, so that the intensity of energy is maintained due to the compounding of a group energy.

The uploaded sessions are a selection from the thousands of recorded sessions that we have in the Dira Library. We seek to continuously update this section of the website, as and when we have the resources to go through the Dira library and upload as much of it to the website as possible. By subscribing to the paid membership you help support this process of making this wisdom available and accessible, and we are grateful for your contribution. If you would like to make a larger contribution or donation, please click below.

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