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Learn How to Channel with Dira



This Amazing Offer is Valued Over £500 and Includes:

  • SUPER OFFER: Learn How to Channel

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1. Basic Channeling Workshop (Digital program of videos, audio files, worksheets, protocols & reference charts) Where you learn how to channel and have your questions about channeling answered​

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​2. A 90 minutes LIVE group practice session on zoom to practice channeling with a partner and get help from a Dira facilitator

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3. Access to the Dira Community in the New to Channeling Group on our platform

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4. Seven Days of guided channel exercises (Audio) to help you feel the vibration of channel and start a practice.​

30 Day Channeling Challenge.jpg

5. Thirty Days of channeling prompts, so that you are guided on exercises to practice channeling for 30 days (Digital program)

In addition to the Dira Basic Channeling Workshop, you get so much more to help you on your channeling journey!

Dira Basic Channeling

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"I just want to express my gratitude that I was introduced in Dira Channeling! I did a lot of spiritual courses, I gave a lot of money, but with Dira channeling I felt like I found the road to home!"

— ID, United Kingdom

"It was such an amazing experience beyond words can describe! 
At the beginning I was afraid but now I wish to have this experience every day and to take with me this vibration ✨ forever !!!" 

— CG, Romania

"I have explored meditation and other healing modalities, but for me Dira was the simplest and easiest way for connection with the Divine.
I would without hesitation recommend this powerful spiritual experience."

— TA, India

"It’s a magical experience. It’s hard to put it in words, because one has to experience it, to understand." 

— KS, Oman

"Dira it is an amazing experience who changed me, changed my reality, my relationship, my feelings and my perception of everything!"

— AM, Italy

How we Teach Channeling at Dira

We teach channeling at Dira by using modern day science of hypnosis, so that everybody can tap into their birth right of a Divine connection that is expressed through intuition, insight & inspiration. 

At Dira, you don't have to wait for a random moment of Inspiration, we teach you how to tune in on demand, whenever you want, quickly and efficiently.

When someone learns how to channel, their whole life can change, as it affects the way you exist in the world and the perspective that you hold.

We believe at Dira that everyone on earth will be channeling Divine clearly, it is just a matter of time.

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