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Q&A about Channeling
Using the Dira Method Protocol

Intro to channel with Lubna

Intro to channel with Lubna

Intro to channel with Lubna
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What is channeling?

What is channeling?

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What is Dira?

What is Dira?

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Why learn to channel with Dira?

Why learn to channel with Dira?

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What is Channeling?

Channeling is opening up a channel for energy to flow through you where your mental thoughts and emotions are bypassed through a method of self hypnosis, so that there is clarity of inner guidance that is undisrupted by thoughts or logic. The guidance that then flows through you is that of the Divine.  The Divine is a term used to refer to the Ultimate Source of everything.  Some say “God”, others say “Allah”, others perhaps “universal consciousness”; there are many such terms, and you may use the word that resonates best for you that refers to the ultimate source energy.  All humans have the ability and capacity to channel the Divine. This connection has always been present within you in the form of intuition, insight and inspiration. Dira provides you with simple techniques to open this connection clearly and on your demand. 
How does channeling work?

The Components of the Human Mind
Our Hard drive (The subconscious mind): In every minute of our lives we receive at least 4000 message units of data that are stored in the mind from the time that we were in the womb. This data is stored in our subconscious mind, like the hard drive of a computer.
The Internet (The universal mind): Furthermore, there is an electromagnetic field that radiates out of us that connects all hard drives like a network, connecting the subconscious minds of all, into what can be referred to as a universal mind, you can consider it like the internet. 
RAM (The conscious mind): The data that we retrieve from the hard drive, or our subconscious mind, lies in the conscious mind, like our RAM.  At any point in time, the conscious mind only uses 10% to 12% of all the data stored on the hard drive.
The Software (Beliefs & Perceptions): So if all of this data is available, the question is how do we retrieve it by the conscious mind? The retrieval mechanism is the software of the mind, which for humans are our beliefs and perceptions. Our beliefs are like the word search, we only retrieve what is searched for, and our search is based on a programmed software.
Viruses (limiting beliefs): When we hold limiting beliefs, we can consider them like a virus that corrupts our software to retrieve and access data. So for example, if one believes that they are bad at math, the software will retrieve data that reinforces that belief, and so then indeed they become bad at math. But if for example, they had a different belief, such as math is easy, then the data retrieved based on this software program would reflect that.

How can we optimise our "mind" with Channeling?
Channelling is a process of releasing limiting beliefs so that the conscious mind can access more data that is relevant to us, opening the window from the conscious mind to the subconscious and universal mind. It is the removal of viruses in our software that limit us and our potential.
As societies, we have been conditioned to believe (a programmed belief) that our logical reasoning at the conscious mind level is superior to intuition. When the conscious mind, as has been explained, is limited to a small window of data based on historical data collection and conditioned beliefs. By functioning in our lives purely from the logical or conscious mind level, we do not see the full picture, nor do we access our full potential.
Intuition and inner guidance on the other hand, is from the universal mind, and has access to an infinite data pool of all information, and is not limited to your own individualised data collection or beliefs, but is connected in a network of everything.
Imagine what could be possible, if you were able to make decisions based on this more expansive data pool, that is not limited to the capacity of the conscious mind, but is unlimited as your software has no viruses and therefore is unlimited.
It is through the software of the mind, that people like Einstein, Tesla and Mozart have made significant contributions to the world, through what some may call inspiration. But if we put it in simple terms, it is accessing a part of us that contains almost infinite files of data and has the processing capacity to analyse and interpret that data in a way that our conscious mind is unable to because of our limiting thoughts and beliefs.
By accessing the subconscious and universal mind through channelling, you are able to access data and interpret it in a way that with the use of the conscious mind alone would not be possible.

How can a person channel?
The process that we use for Channeling is a form of self-hypnosis, where the person is completely conscious of what is being said, but the critical filter of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs is bypassed so that they have access directly to the universal mind.
Hypnosis is not a new phenomenon, however the way in which we practically use it builds on what was done by practitioners in the past. Through hypnosis, one is able to hold a moment of inspiration long enough so that your conscious thoughts do not interfere. Great inventors like Tesla although perhaps did not call it hypnosis, entered in to a trance like state where they were able to visualise in detail their invention, or like Chopin could hear his music composition.
You can say that at a conscious mind level, at any given time as we live our day to day lives, we have a 10 degree opening to information due to the software that limits us.  Channeling enables the possibility of widening this opening to be able to retrieve more information and hold a wider perspective than logic can.  Not only are you able to access all the data in your own subconscious mind, but you are also able to plug into the universal mind and enter into a state of “Oneness”, where you are one and connected to everything.
Dira teaches one how to enter into this state of oneness on demand, like being able to flick a switch between being in this flow of oneness and being in a state of logical reasoning. A poet, for example, may wait for inspiration to flow and have "writer's block" without this technique, whereas Dira offers tools to be able to enter into the state of clear inspiration and intuition on demand whenever you want it.


Why would I want to learn how to channel?
The benefits of channeling are vast.  Imagine that there is a pool of data that has information about everything that has ever happened. Imagine if you could access this pool directly. What can this mean for us?

To start, imagine if you could access all of the information presented to you since you were conceived; every sound you heard, every sensation you felt, every flavour you tasted, every sight you saw, every experience you lived, all right there for you to access, without the corruption of biases or limiting beliefs attached to any of it.  What would you be able to do with such an ability? Or rather, what would you not be able to do?
Channeling enables the possibility of widening this opening to be able to retrieve more information and hold a wider perspective than logic can.  Not only are you able to access all the data in your own subconscious mind, but you are also able to plug into the universal mind for everything as it is Omniscient, and that is where the vastness of this ability blossoms.
By channeling, you are not limited by logic, which is based on historical data collection and conclusions derived from historical experiences, but instead you access information and conclusions based on an infinite data pool, guided by The Omniscient Divine; a data pool that is detached from, and not corrupted by, your mental constructs, societal beliefs, and other irrelevant factors.  On a practical level, by channeling, you are able to access information that will help you make decisions in life that are more aligned for you, and so in turn, serve you versus not. Decisions which will allow you to Live your most Magnificent Possibility. Want to know how best to write your resume? Channel. Want to compose a piece of music? Channel. Want to understand how to handle a conflict with someone? Channel. The list is endless, as this is an inherent human ability we are all born with and meant to use anytime we wish.

The Divine channel will provide guidance which is most appropriate for the individual channeling, to enable them to live their magnificent possibility by being able to experience this state of "Oneness" on demand.