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Channel with Dira

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Lubna Kharusi, Founder of Dira speaks about Channeling

Moving away from the traditional methods of Meditation, we have developed a new methodology that integrates ancient philosophy & 21st-century science of healing through hypnosis, the science of the mind, and connecting to Divine universal consciousness so that people can realize their full potential, at Dira, we call this Channeling. 

Channeling with the Dira protocol can have profound positive effects, including positively impacting all aspects of your life, by aligning your thoughts to what your soul knows to be true.

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Our goal is to enable one to be aligned with their soul, and through that process, magnificent possibilities may unfold. By learning and using the Dira channeling protocol, you are empowered to shift your beliefs that impact your health, relationships, work, emotional state, mental state, and living your purpose. 

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Learn How to Channel with Dira

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1. The first step is to get access to the Dira Channeling Induction by subscribing to our Basic subscription for FREE. The Channeling Induction is similar to a guided meditation that puts you into a deep state of relaxation, so deeply relaxed that you fall into a hypnotic state. This relaxed state is what we refer to as the Induction, as you are induced into a state of consciousness. It is safe, and the guidance of the recording ensures that.  In this state you will be given a key word that will bring you back into channel anytime, anywhere.

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2. Following the Induction, you can do the Basic Channeling Workshop which helps answer all of the common questions about channeling and troubleshooting any difficulties that you may face. This workshop is included in the Dira Paid Membership.

In addition, you can buy the book below.


3. Do the Advanced Channeling Program to learn about the ways you can integrate channeling into your life. This program offers extensive theory and protocols to use your channeling in your day-to-day life and provides the fundamental understanding of theory for the Level Program.

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4. The Dira Level Program is the Foundation of Dira. Introducing you to the Dira Method in Level 1, and then teaching you how to be a Dira Facilitator in Level 2. Over the following 3 years, you individually complete the remaining Levels 3-7 to completely come to embody your light and fulfill your purpose.

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