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Dira International is a company and is a registered for-profit organization, however, the primary goal is to enable the transmutation of the earth to Oneness and to spread the messages and teachings of Dira as widely available as possible.  We have tried to keep costs low on this site in comparison to the priceless value that members gain from our offerings.


If you would like to support our growth and expansion and the spreading of this message, then please contribute by filling out the below form and making the payment at checkout.


You can also share the gift of Dira with your friends, family, and acquaintances and refer them to this website with a Gift Card.


If every person refers 3 people, then perhaps it will be possible that within our lifetimes, the whole planet will know about Dira.


You can also refer your friends to our annual membership and earn rewards. 

We are grateful for your offering and support. Donations above £1111 entitle you to a Lifetime membership.

Invest in Love

Help us make a difference


Thank you! Let's light up the world together!

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