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I want to channel 

Where do I start?

1. The first step is to get access to the Dira Channeling Induction by subscribing to our Basic subscription for FREE. The Channeling Induction is similar to a guided meditation that puts you into a deep state of relaxation, so deeply relaxed that you fall into a hypnotic state. This relaxed state is what we refer to as the Induction, as you are induced into a state of consciousness. It is safe, and the guidance of the recording ensures that.  In this state you will be given a key word that will bring you back into channel anytime, anywhere.

2. The next step is to watch our FREE videos on channeling and go through the common questions and answers about channeling at the below link.

3. You can then read all of the FREE content on our website and enjoy free channeled sessions, read about The Dira Method, and explore our blog.

4. Do the Basic Channeling workshop or listen to The Magnificent Possibility. Both are included in the Dira Monthly Paid Membership or can be purchased separately. These two provide the basic understanding to the big questions of life and underpin the Dira Philosophy of 'What are we here for?', "What is Divine?', 'The purpose of life', 'How can we navigate life using our tools?' and more. 

5. Now you can start to really experience all that channeling has to offer, by becoming a member and gaining access to events, workshops, retreats and the community. Or you can choose to purchase a single programs that particularly interest you. Or you can book a private session to get some extra help with your channeling.

6. As a Member, you can enjoy and explore many possibilities to dive even deeper and even perhaps become a facilitator yourself through the Dira Level Program. You can attend LIVE events, and make channeling part of your day to day life with series like our 30 Day series or the Dira Commuters packages.

7. There is so much more to explore with Dira.... ENJOY the journey, and we are here to share the journey with you!

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