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81% of our customers came to Dira through word of mouth!

McKinsey & Co reported that word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. At Dira we are lucky to have over 80% of people coming to discover our offering through word of mouth.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your journey and experience with your friends and family! It is because of you, that this platform can grow, and the shift can happen through more and more people who discover the immense benefits of channeling using The Dira Method.

When Dira started, I was told in channel that we would not focus on paid marketing, but that the shift that people experience would be enough for this possibility to spread. If I am honest, that suited me at the time, because I was still 'hiding' my own light, afraid of the judgment and potential implications of becoming 'known' as being a channeler. To put it in perspective, I came from a high-powered finance background, it took time for my ego to accept that my life would and be dedicated to Divine Love & Oneness ;-)

Channel's marketing strategy was that if every person told 3 people about their experience at Dira, compounded 20 times the whole earth would know about it.

We started our first Level 1 retreat with 6 people, who told their friends, who then came, who told their friends and came, and we have so far had people attend Dira programs from every inhabited continent on earth! For that, I am amazed and grateful.

This year, our focus is to ramp up the content available on our online platform after completing our initial testing period. We have over 10,000 hours of recorded material that needs to be edited and packaged in a user-friendly way, and so, I want to share that we have hired our first employee after 8 years! The hope for this is to offer a fantastic platform and digital experience with loads of wonderful, transformative and interesting content, and make our database of channeled workshops, retreats and sessions available to whoever wants it.

By inviting more people to use our online platform, it enables and motivates us to provide more content, as editing is very resource-intensive. It is kind of like a chicken and egg situation, so I can ask you a favor?.... if you can tell or share our channeling induction link with 5 people that you think might be interested or would benefit from channeling, that would be wonderful, and I would be immensely grateful!! and in return, I promise to upload more transformative content to our website for you to enjoy. Does that sound good?

Again, the more people that use the platform, the more we can afford to make it better and better! so let's make this happen together :-)

Send them a personal message if you can.

The Induction is FREE, they just need to sign up as a Basic Subscriber. Thanks in advance!!! and sending you so much love.

With gratitude,


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