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Explore your magnificent possibilities with Dira International, whose projects are focused on empowering individuals and communities to push the boundaries of limiting beliefs by opening up avenues to connect to the self and beyond.

“Live your most magnificent possibility!” That is a motivational nugget from Lubna Kharusi, Chairperson of Dira International*, an organisation dedicated to empowering and building communities where people can realise their magnificent potentials.

In the following article, she presents Dira’s roadmap to attain a blissful state of life:

The Dira Way of Life

Dira enables us to live our magnificent potential by letting go of all of the layers that prevent us from knowing who and what we are. To put it in simple terms, it is about living in connection with the self; with those around you, and with the ultimate source of our existence.

Importance of Channelling

The primary method that is used is what we term as ‘channelling’. Channelling is opening up a channel for energy to flow through you, where your mental thoughts and emotions are bypassed through a method of self hypnosis, so that there is clarity of inner guidance that is undisrupted by thoughts or logic. This connection has always been present within you in the form of intuition, insight and inspiration.

While channelling, you are not limited by logic that is based on historical data collection and conclusions derived from historical experiences; instead, you access information and conclusions based on an infinite data pool that is detached from, and not corrupted by, your mental constructs, societal beliefs, and other irrelevant factors. On a practical level, by channelling, you are able to access information that will help you make decisions in life that are more aligned for your soul, and so, in turn, serve you - decisions which will allow you to live your most ‘Magnificent Possibility’.

Most people channel, but are not aware it is channelling and cannot do it on demand. It could happen when you have a gut feeling, or are composing music, or in the flow at work, or driving and have a light-bulb moment. Any time your conscious thoughts and emotions are set aside, and there is a flow of something through you that is not a result of the processing of your brain, you are channelling. Dira teaches one how to enter into this state of flow on demand, like being able to flick a switch between being in this flow and being in a state of logical reasoning.

The Dira Journey

The journey looks at you as a whole comprehensive being. Our objective is to empower people to be aligned with their soul. Through channelling, one can experience and taste absolute bliss and alignment - you do not require years of practice. When someone is aligned, then all aspects of their life will reflect that. We offer tools to tackle the root of the dis-alignment, as opposed to the symptoms. The symptoms may be depression, anxiety, weight gain, financial issues, or even disease. We do not claim to fix people’s issues; we offer tools for realignment, and in alignment the symptoms are released.

Dira Services

We offer a variety of services, but the most profound and life changing experience is the nine day, Level 1 Retreat. There are also shorter retreats, private sessions, corporate retreats, and we have a kids programme, as we believe kids are the future. Our philosophy is that almost all struggles that the humans face relates to their understanding of love. This is because love is the frequency that inter-permeates everything, and therefore everything is affected by your perception of love. So the verb ‘to love’ is to allow that energy that inter-permeates everything to flow freely. To love someone, is to allow them to shine in their magnificent light, to allow their energy to flow freely, to hold space for their light.

How many of us do that? And how many of us love ourselves enough, to allow our own light to shine magnificently?

You have been created as a unique, infinitely diverse soul, and that soul yearns to be expressed, experienced and witnessed. Dira is about acceptance and oneness, and community, and love. And when someone experiences infinite unconditional love, disconnection and dis-alignment cannot persist.

Toolkit to attain bliss

As humans, we have been given a toolkit. One of the tools is our emotion; it acts like a barometer that highlights alignment or misalignment of our thoughts with what our soul knows to be true. Low frequency emotions, such as sadness, despair, anger, anxiety, fear are highlighting a dis-alignment that something is off; it is highlighting that what we ‘think’ in our logic is not aligned with what our soul knows to be true, and therefore a discomfort arises like a red flag, for us to pay attention, and reflect on what software programme is running in our mind.

The natural state of ‘being’ is bliss. Yet, how many people in the world live in bliss? You could say, perhaps, there is an epidemic of dis-alignment of our souls. Does one need to be in such a desperate state before seeking help? If the perspective that we hold is that the natural state of a human being is bliss, then most of us have scope for expansion.

So, what prevents this bliss from prevailing? It is the conditioning of the mind; the programmes we were raised with. The beliefs that we form about ourselves and others of what should be and what cannot be - but these are all man-made constructs. And if you were to imagine that every human being is infinitely diverse, how could it be then that all must follow the same programme or conditions? What is suitable and appropriate for one person, may not be appropriate for another.

Self-help Tips

A simple guideline is do what you want to do; do not do what you do not want to do! Because, decisions made rooted in fear usually result in regret, and decisions rooted in love, result in expansion, and love speaks through your intuition, not your logic.

* Dira International could be contacted on email: For more information, visit; or follow on Instagram @dirainternational or at @diracommunity as well as twitter and Facebook.

Faces Oman September 2018

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