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“At the highest mountain top
The bees can gather,
Producing a honey.
It is mixed into lather
Or a yellow paste,
It is used for sweetness,
For changing taste.
These bees so high,
Do you think that they know
Where the fruits of their efforts
Are delivered and glow?

They are aware that what they do
Provides benefit
For them and you.
But they do not stomp their feet
And they do not shout out loud
When they flutter about
In a stormy cloud.

And in a valley
With many a rock,
Animals gather
And some of them flock.

Do they consider what their offering is?
Do they make statements about what they are?
Whether their production is used near or far?
They surrender to their purpose,
They are aware of their Lord,
They do not proclaim it
With words or sword.

And on level ground
Between mountains high
And valleys low
People wonder
And people go.
So busy to proclaim what it is that they do,
So eager to take credit
For everything new.

It is The Divine that wills
Everything to be
And you all will surrender.
You all will surrender.
We allow you to feel free
But you all will surrender,
Just like the bees.

Just like the goats
And the animals that float,
You all will surrender.
So why resist
The beautiful life that could be within your midst?

Thank you.”

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