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The Dira Detox

What is the process of The Dira Detox?

1. First, you set intention - what is it that you want to achieve? are you feeling stuck in life? do you have a big project at work? are you doing your Level program? Set intentions for why you are doing this Detox.

2. Channel what type of detox/ fast you will do and for how long. What are the components of both your cleansing and energizing? and you channel will give you the perfect program for you based on your intentions.

3. Plan for it. As they say 'failing to plan is planning to fail'. For example, Set out your menu, but your groceries, make time in your schedule, tell your loved ones if you will not be available, take time off work if necessary. If you are doing a fast, go see your Dr for a consultation or book yourself into a fasting clinic etc.

4. The time has arrived, and Do it. Listen to your body, your thoughts, journal, whats being released, what's coming up for you, channel about everything to understand the depth of your experience, and enjoy it.

5. Seek help or stop if needed. If you don't feel well, seek help and stop the detox. You can always come back to it another time. Detox and fasting combined with channeling should be a gentle and comfortable experience. You channel will offer you the appropriate detox for you, but the ego may want to make it more extreme. Follow your channel, and enjoy it. If it isn't blissful, it isn't the time. You can share your experience on The Dira Detox Forum if you are a member. Ask questions, share recipes, ideas, insights, videos etc. 

What is The Dira Detox?

The Dira Detox is a way to manage your energy through a Cleanse/Energize/ Implement cycle. 

What are the components of a detox?

Cleansing includes:

1. Fasting: Do you eliminate only a food group like coffee or do you do a water fast? You channel for yourself. The Dira Detox recipes eliminate meat, eggs, shellfish, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, caffeine, nuts, soya. Food impacts your energy system. Also what is the timing of the detox or fast, how long is it? do you just have liquids etc. If you are doing anything more extreme than the recipes we provide, our recommendation is that you seek medical advice first.

2. Abstinence: Sexual intercourse also is an energy exchange. Channel if you need to abstain and for how long.


3. Silence: Conversations, talking etc is also an energy exchange. Channel if you need to be silent, or just avoid certain types of conversations or with particular people - for example gossip.

4. Isolation: Channel if you need to isolate yourself or change your environment, or for example, take time off work. your environment impacts your energy.

5. Physical exercise: Exercise is an important aspect of any detox, because it speeds up the circulation of energy in the body and therefor helps with the cleanse and energising process. Channel if you need to exercise and for how many hours a day, and what type of exercise etc.

6. Energising: Channel what is your energising requirement for the detox. the more strict the detox/fast, the more energising is required. For example, in the level 5 you have to channel 6 hours a day! Channel what is your energising practice, and does it include channeling, affirmations, connecting in nature, prayer, etc.

7. Service: Chanel what is your service during the fast or detox or for the implementation. You need to open the heart to receive. Service can include acts of charity or giving, helping others or your community, teaching others, planting seeds of love etc. Channel for yourself what should be the service for your detox. Without the service, you block your capacity to receive.

When should you detox?

Whenever you feel that you need it, or it comes to you in channel. It should be an integrated part of your energy management practice. So if you feel out of alignment, lost, angry, hurt, stressed etc. the detox can bring you back into alignment.

Is fasting a type of detox?

Yes. Fasting is a stricter detox, and should only be done with medical consultation and/or supervision. A recommended fasting clinic is Buchinger Wilhelmi.

Should I live on a Detox long term?

No. Detox/ fasting is for a reset of the energy system, to bring it back into alignment. To detox or fast for too long will leave you energetically depleted and take you out of alignment, defeating the purpose.

Got more questions?

Check out the Dira Detox Forum

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