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The program is 6 months divided into 3 modules, that must be done consecutively.


Can be done anywhere the individual channels it should be. Can also be done while you carry on with your regular day job and responsibilities, unless guided to be in silence or isolation for a certain period.


To have completed all 3 phases of Level 4, and Submit Form and Agreement for registration


If done individually free. If done in a group at Dira, then meals, accommodation and use of services will be charged for.

Upcoming Dates:

At your own timing, agreed with Dira


Each individual channels for themselves, however mentorship from a Level 7

Life Aspect:

Expression, creativity, manifestation, being true about who you are, metal body


Throat Chakra


The Level 5 Retreat focuses on the throat chakra, and expressing your trust and living a life reflective of your truth.

The Level 5 prepares you to work and live as a vessel of Divine in your day to day living. Level 5 is when you come out to the world as a vessel of Divine and you are able to manifest a life reflective of your truth. There is no more hiding or playing small. This is it.

The Program
The entire program is channeled by each individual for themselves and Dira only provides high level guidelines and facilitation as and when required.


The Level 5 is an individualised program, and is channeled by each individual for him or herself.
It can begin whenever the participant is ready or called to do so in channel. Dira will coordinate dates during the year when it will be run as a group only for the facilitation of the commitment in practice and execution.

Channel with Electric White Light​

Module 1: Cleansing, 2 months
This will comprise of deep energetic cleansing, usually will be combined with a spiritual fast. The structure, duration and extent of the fast will be channeled by the individual. Each participant will channel their own program.

Module 2: Energizing, 2 months
During the energising phase the focus is on living your truth.
In the energising phase you begin to fill your vessel with light and establish a practice for day to day existence.
Sound, writing, media and other throat chakra expressions are introduced to your daily practice and can become a part of your offering.

Module 3: Implementation, 2 months
During this phase you practice the embodiment of this substantially more intense frequency of energy, and for a complete 2 months implement a channeled task as your daily commitment. The tasks vary and is appropriate for the individual. This can be a channeled trip facilitating retreats, a community project, publishing a book, a media project etc - it is your stepping stone to come out to the world as a vessel of Divine.

Physical Exercise:

Each individual channels for themselves


Each individual channels for themselves


Each individual channels for themselves

Impact on your life:

The Level 5 opens you up for BIG manifested changes in your life, so get ready for the ride.


"I experienced change on many levels since I started doing Dira's level retreats but level 5 led to major 'physicalized' changes. My health improved and I lost over 20 kgs. I moved out into a home that I enjoy living in. My finances improved. I can express myself more freely and unapologetically compared to before. I could go on and on and share details but I would say this level made me believe that anything is possible and that we as human beings are infinite and so is existence, so there will always be something out there waiting to be experienced and witnessed by you... for you to understand how infinite God is. And I believe this is why we are here in the first place, to see God in everything. I am grateful and can't wait to see what Level 6 is all about."
​S.K - Oman

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