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Looking for a meaningful Christmas gift?

Whenever I want to be amazed by channel, or reminded of the beauty that exists, the Infinite love and the bliss that comes through surrender, I turn to 'For Humanity'.

I made a little practice, where I open the book to a random page, to read my Divine message for that day, and it is amazing how relevant it always is! My suggestion is that whoever has 'For Humanity' does the same.

'For Humanity, Volume 1' is a collection of poems that I channeled from 2017 to early 2020. They are presented in sequential order, but you don't need to read it that way. It starts with the first poem I ever channeled, which happened on our tour of Oman. Until then, Dira's focus was just coming to understand what channeling was all about, we hadn't even done a Level 1 yet until a few months later, but when I started channeling in prose I realized that this was serious. The poems brought channel into a different level of clarity and vibration, they were so specific and clear, and I knew for certain that I wasn't the one coming up with them with my brain, but they were a clear download from Divine consciousness.

Although the poems were revealed to me in response to what was going on in my life, the world, or with Dira at the time of channeling them, the messages are universal timeless wisdom. Dealing with fear, doubt, anger, heartache, and disease... these are experiences that we all universally experience as humans, and so the messages are relevant to everyone.

It is a beautiful life-changing gift to enjoy, whether for yourself or others, and it is available in Ebook, paperback and hardback, and you and your loved ones can enter into 2023 with a daily channeled poem to guide you through the day if you wish, just by seeing what page of the book you land on.

I hope that you take the opportunity to enjoy and experience this offering.

With love,


By clicking on the below link, you also get to see some videos where I speak about channeling the book.

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