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In memory of Hilton Olivella

It is with profound sadness that the family of Hilton Samir Olivella, 16, of Corkums Island, announces his passing on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at the QE II, VG Site, Halifax.

Born in Bridgewater, he was the son of Mark and Scherri (Kharusi) Olivella.

Hilton was Sunshine. He was a combination of kindness, gentleness, fierce competitiveness and rush-seeking. As parents, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to hold him back as he started running at 9 months old. He never sat still, was consciously prepared for anything and everything, whether it was packing for an overnight on Bachman’s Island (he was the only one who brought water) or building contraptions around our property. He loved sports, all sports, and we were dizzied by his passion for when a new sport occupied his time: soccer, surfing, snow-boarding, skate-boarding, hockey, riding, tennis, golf- he excelled at them all. He taught himself to play electric guitar and spent hours jamming in his room or listening to music. He was actively curating his collection of footwear.

Hilton understood love, and shared it freely, always saying “I love you”. He listened to his intuition and was a natural leader. Hilton made life joyful and exciting for all those around him and he will be dearly missed by those who knew him.

Funeral Poem & Song (Channeled by Lubna Kharusi)

“It seems too short a life to take

And in this process so deep a heart ache

That breaks the barrier of understanding.

As the mind is demanding:

‘How could it be that this child is gone?’

To be One with him, sing this song

Sing the song of Oneness into the air

Sing the song of Oneness in what seems unfair

And allow it to release the separation

And deep within, feel its penetration.

As it lifts the barrier and the veil

As you come to tell the tale

Of that which lives in your heart

Is never far or apart

This love holds all as One

And this love is never done.

Thank you.”

Song is available under Guided Sessions/Sound/Song of Oneness

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