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Light up the World

“The sun will rise from a horizon

And bring in the dawn of a new day,

A new age,

A new way.

The way of knowing your Lord,

Where all put down their sword

And live in love and bliss,

Where love is the mist

That lights up the world.

Where no being will not want to be able to taste of this –

To taste Our gentle kiss.

And this kiss lies within the heart,

It does not lie in something that is apart,

It lies inside your very being.

This age is for those who want to be seeing

A spectrum of light that didn’t exist,

A light that is born through a loving mist,

As love is not the final goal

And, in unfolding, the picture will be whole.

We rain Our drops in bits at a time

And unfold Our message in Our measured rhyme.

Like the blooming of a flower,

Old patterns will fall.

And new petals

Will glow and stand tall.

Your responsibility is not to convince anyone,

Your responsibility is to be as One

And be in your light

So that We shine through.

And from this realm, We can make a new

Experience where truth is not only told

And knowing God is not for those of old

But all embody their Divine light

So the entire cosmos shines so bright.

And with the explosion of this energy

There is transference to what can be:

An alternate realm to experience The Divine,

The realm of Oneness, with no space or time.

Thank you.”

To read more about The Message to Humanity click below

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