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Until we meet again: In memory of Buthaina Warith Al Kharusi


From Divine we come and to Divine we return.

Buthaina Warith Al Kharusi will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

A daughter, a mother, a sister, a wife, an aunt, a friend and a dear soul who saw the light in everyone.

Her joy, her enthusiasm and her capacity to make everyone feel safe and loved will be greatly missed. She lit up any group, conversation or gathering with her laughter and her capacity to be vulnerable, and gave permission for others to as well.

She was passionate, creative and full of love.. unconditional love, and she loved deeply without ever holding back. Everything she did was with full enthusiasm, passion, and determination to offer the best, always ready to help, to give and to love.

She saw people in their pain and lifted them up. She made sure that each person she met felt valued and understood. She touched all of our lives just by being.

And let us not forget her dancing, fashion and the greatest loves in her life, her family, whom she deeply deeply loved. Our sincere condolences to her children, husband, sisters and nephews and neices and her parents, we all saw how much she loved you all, and understood how she felt so loved by you as well.

Although we know she is now with Divine... those of us still here in physicality will miss her greatly, but when we think of her, we can remember that she gave us the knowing though her example, that we too can love all and see the light in the other. That We are One.


See you in Oneness Buthaina, our love, see you in Oneness ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Buthaina (Poem channeled by Lubna Kharusi on 19th May 2023

"It is time.

Memories of you will stay in the mind

Of those who loved you

Yes, your death is true.

They knew your light

And watched you shine oh so bright.

Yet, how does one come to a reconciliation?

Your death was so sudden, there was no preparation.

How can it be?

So suddenly?

And then they question, 'perhaps Divine was wrong?!'

But it is to Divine that you all belong.

And know that there is no life that was in vain.

And the time to return was decided when you came.

There is no hastening and no delay

As your lives are all a pre-orchistrated play.

And you come to embody the light that you are.

You come to know that God is near, not far.

And through the love that you share, the joy and the pain

You fulfill the purpose for which you came.

As when you return, those that are left behind

Will never forget that your imprint is an expression of Divine.

It is through your lives that We are known.

It is through your lives, the truth is shown.

And for those who grieve and weep at your grave

A path for them, you will pave

That will help them cross the bridge to the eternal life,

The life where there is no struggle and strife.

They weep because they do not know

The brightness with which you now glow.

They cannot see past this veil,

And because of that, in their sorrow they wail

But we send them reminders that you are close

That you are waiting at your post

Waiting to call them near

And to tell them there is nothing to fear

As you are back where it had all begun

And they too will be with you when separation is undone.

Thank you."

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S Olivella
S Olivella
27. aug. 2023

Buthaina, always in our hearts 💕

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