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2020 New Year Message

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

“Rumble, tumble and soaring waves:

This year brings a path that We will pave.

For one to feel free, they need only float;

For one to survive, they let go of the boat

And move along with the currents,

Not assuming that they’re abhorrent.

In surrendering to the flow you arrive at the shore,

And are brought to an island with love galore

But the one who resists will be swallowed up.

Hold the awareness that We are not limited to a cup

But We reach beyond a vast and mighty ocean –

And so many struggle with that notion.

This year that is coming is a year of transition;

Each one of you will fall into your mission

As preparation has begun and there has been the compounding of light

And so, when you see the chaos, there is no need for fright,

But stand solid in the knowing

That it is your light that will be glowing

And lighting up the world for all to see –

That in the darkness there is a magnificent possibility

That will come shining through, if they allow

Their egos to take a bow

To The Divinity that stands with everyone

And has been within you since time began.

Perhaps it would be gentler for Us to say

That the year that is coming is one of easy play

But that would only be perpetuating a delusion,

As most around you will be in confusion,

And the challenges that you are faced with are to anchor strength

And for knowing that you can take a leap of enormous length

When you allow yourself to soar in the wind that carries you,

As that wind is Our love, and in union, We marry you.

As you are not separate from that which We are,

Allow yourself to shine like a glorious star

And have no doubt that in all that you are faced with

Let not the darkness become pervasive.

A cycle has started that compounds separation

And you are fully aware of where is your station,

And that is as a beacon of light,

So hold this torch in the coming night.

Again, perhaps it would be gentler for Us to say that there will be no opposition

And that all will be a smooth transition

But let Us be clear: as you are the warriors of light

Your task is to be sturdy in the upcoming night.

And how is one sturdy when one is holding fear?

By knowing always that We are near.

As We are in the air and the sky, the ground, and the sea,

And We hold mountains solid, and energy free,

We orchestrate a cosmos and that which is beyond,

So there is no reason to doubt Our bond.

And We flow through all your veins, your cells, and your atoms,

And We are the One that orchestrates all of your patterns.

We know your yearning, your longing, and your loss,

And in surrender, there is only splendor.

So, each has a choice in how they choose to perceive

That this year will be difficult, or one of ease.

It is difficult when you remain separate from Us

And when you struggle with the notion that you aren’t enough.

But the ease comes from knowing that your soul is always glowing

And you see the world through the eyes of Our magnificent plan –

That you are here in the formation of a marching band

That will transmute this realm into a realm of Oneness.

We invite you into this realm of Oneness.

Hold steady in your light and step into the Oneness.

The contrast is merely to amplify your light,

So embrace it with openness and neutrality,

As you will be holding the hands of humanity

And showing them that there is nothing to fear:

That The Divine holds each and everyone dear.

Keep your head in the light during the upcoming story,

So that this realm can enter into its phase of glory.

Thank you.”

From the book For Humanity, Volume 1 by Lubna Kharusi. Click below to buy book.

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