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The program is 9 months divided into 3 modules, that must be done consecutively.


Can be done anywhere the individual channels it should be. Can also be done while you carry on with your regular day job and responsibilities, unless guided to be in silence or isolation for a certain period.


To have completed all 3 phases of Level 5, and Submit Form and Agreement for registration


If done individually free. If done in a group at Dira, then meals, accommodation and use of services will be charged for.

Upcoming Dates:

At your own timing, agreed with Dira


Each individual channels for themselves, however mentorship from a Level 7

Life Aspect:

letting go of delusion, knowing your soul's purpose, solid in your being, honouring your soul's light


Ajna Chakra


The Level 6 Retreat focuses on the Ajna (third eye) chakra, and living, knowing and embodying your truth .

The Level 6 forces you to work and live as a vessel of Divine in your day to day living. During level 6 you release all delusions that you held about yourself, the world and Divinity. You embody the knowing that you are a refracted light of Divine here incarnate to witness this spectrum of vibration. You come into living your purpose and letting go of the distractions and limitations that held you back from being the full embodiment of your soul.

The Program
The entire program is channeled by each individual for themselves and Dira only provides high level guidelines and facilitation as and when required.


The Level 6 is an individualised program, and is channeled by each individual for him or herself.
It can begin whenever the participant is ready or called to do so in channel. Dira will coordinate dates during the year when it will be run as a group only for the facilitation of the commitment in practice and execution.

Channel with Crystalline light

Module 1: Cleansing, 3 months
Each participant will channel their own program.

Module 2: Energizing, 3 months
Each participant will channel their own program.

Module 3: Implementation, 3 months
Each participant will channel their own program. However, it is generally a transition into living your true purpose on earth in this incarnation.

Physical Exercise:

Each individual channels for themselves


Each individual channels for themselves


Each individual channels for themselves

Impact on your life:

The Level 6 is the turning point of life where you can no longer hide your truth and not live out your life's purpose. Divine orchestration will make it happen, it is time to be who you were born to be!
You become so solid in the knowing of who you are, you are unable to dim your light anymore, it is time to make an impact.


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