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The program is 3 months divided into 3 modules, that must be done consecutively.


Can be done anywhere the individual channels it should be. Can also be done while you carry on with your regular day job and responsibilities, unless guided to be in silence or isolation for a certain period.


To have completed all 3 phases of Level 2, and Submit Form and Agreement for registration


If done individually free. If done in a group at Dira, then meals, accommodation and use of services will be charged for.

Upcoming Dates:

At your own timing, agreed with Dira


Each individual channels for themselves, however mentorship from a Level 7

Life Aspect:

Ego, identity, attachments, control/ freedom


Solar Plexus


The Level 3 Retreat focuses on the surrender of the ego, and the embodiment of light in your way of being and functioning in your life.

The Level 3 prepares you to facilitate group sessions and workshops. It is the preparation requirement for anyone who would like to offer Dira workshops and short retreats for groups of less than 25 people, as you will be an anchor of enough energy to enable others to also experience the energy. The focus is on preparing you as a vessel to be able to transmute vibration in your community and to allow the soul to be the driver of your daily existence, not the ego.

The Program
The entire program is channeled by each individual for themselves and Dira only provides high level guidelines and facilitation as and when required.


The Level 3 is an individualised program, and is channeled by each individual for him or herself.
It can begin whenever the participant is ready or called to do so in channel. Dira will coordinate dates during the year when it will be run as a group only for the facilitation of the commitment in practice and execution.

The level 4 consists of 4 hours secluded channel a day, can be spread throughout the day using gold light.

Module 1: Cleansing, 30 days
This will comprise of deep energetic cleansing, usually will be combined with a spiritual fast. The structure, duration and extent of the fast will be channeled by the individual. Spiritual fasts can include fasting from food or food categories, silence, abstinence, seclusion, at least 1 hour of daily physical exercise and are always combined with an energising component such as number of hours to be in channel a day, or breathing and sound exercises. On average, in Level 3, an individual will be in secluded channel for 4 hours a day, spread throughout the day. The duration of the fast varies from person to person and will have phases of intensity during the cleansing period, so for example a 9 day fast in silence combined with 21 days intermittent fasting. Each individual will channel their own program.

Module 2: Energizing, 30 days
The vessel (your being) has been prepared during the cleansing phase, and through the spiritual fast there is the release of identity, attachments and definitions of who you were. During the energising phase the focus is on embodying the truth of the light that you are. Continuing with 4 hours of channel a day but it is not necessary to be isolated, 1 hour minimum of physical exercise and an intermittent fast of 1 detox meal a day with all other meals and snacks being a detox liquid, however additional protein sources such as fish, dairy or eggs may be added to your meal, each individual will channel their own detailed program. In the energising phase you begin to fill your vessel with light and establish a practice for day to day existence.

Module 3: Implementation, 30 days
During this phase you practice the embodiment of this substantially more intense frequency of energy, and for a complete month implement a channeled task as your daily commitment. The tasks vary and is appropriate for the individual. This can be a channeled trip facilitating workshops or retreats, or a community project.

Physical Exercise:

Each individual channels for themselves


Each individual channels for themselves


Each individual channels for themselves

Impact on your life:

The Level 3 prepares the participant to be able to hold channeled workshops for small groups, and to be able to channel their work, whatever it may be.
The way you understand yourself changes, and usually, the attachments you had and your identity as you understood it starts to fall away.


"​It was an experience of a lifetime, and I did not want it to end.. In all honesty, this retreat has tackled all aspects of that which governs the self.. Not only did it expanded my horizon from a spiritual perspective, but physically and mentally as well.. I have gained a lot of tools which were covered during the retreat that not only allowed me to apply it to my day to day life but in my work too.. Yes, work!!! I am a full time personal trainer, and I channel all my clients workouts as well as my own workouts.. The channel gives me what's appropriate for that day, taking all perspectives into consideration.. It has become a part of me and I wish I had discovered this sooner.. This is how I chose to live my life now and I would never go back."
D.M, Oman

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