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The program is 6 weeks divided into 3 modules, that can be done consecutively or separately.
The program is non residential, and will take place daily from 8am to 8pm (except for 6 days off). During this Level 2, the implementation Phase will be assisting in the facilitation of the Level 1 Retreat.

Part A; Cleansing
2 weeks, 3 days off
Part B; Energizing
2 weeks, 3 days off
Part C; Implementation
9 days
It is possible to do the Level 2 in parts or as a whole in the following combinations:
Parts A, B, & C
Parts A & C
Parts B & C
Part A and individual implementation
Part B and individual implementation
​Part A & B and individual implementation

To complete the Level 2, one needs to complete all three parts at a date offered by Dira.

For Online Level 2, it will be for 6 hours online sessions, 6 hours done individually.


Online or at site at Dira. When at site, it is a non-residential program.


To have completed Level 1, and Submit Form and Agreement for registration


£ 4000 (In person), £ 3000 Online

Upcoming Dates:

H1 2024 (Exact dates to be confirmed)


The Level 2 is facilitated by those undergoing the Level 4 Implementation Phase.

Life Aspect:

Emotional life


Sacral Chakra


The Level 2 Retreat focuses on the deepening of experience and understanding of Oneness and Divine. If you were to imagine that in the Level 1, you are prepared to experience Divine light like a street lamp, in Level 2 it is like a substation.

The Level 2 prepares you to facilitate one to one Basic Channeling sessions and to lead small group channeled exercises. It is the preparation requirement for anyone who would like to offer Dira channeling sessions to individuals or small groups as you will be an anchor of enough energy to enable others to also experience the energy. The teaching of protocols is a minor aspect of the program, the focus is on preparing you as a vessel to be able to transmute vibration in your environment for yourself and those around you.

The entire program is facilitated by The Divine, and although on the level of physical experience there is presentation of various exercises, 98% of what shifts within you occurs at an energetic level through Divine intervention.

​At the start of the day you will be guided by the facilitator through channel on what will take place that day. Some of the exercises will be done in a group, some in pairs, and some individually - all will be appropriately guided. ​The program is structured in three phases, cleansing, energising and implementation.


The Level 2 is a group facilitated program.

Module 1: Cleansing, 2 weeks
This will comprise of deep energetic cleansing, combined with physical detox. This phase also includes release and letting go from the mental, emotional and egoic bodies.
(Followed by a 3 day break)

Module 2: Energizing, 2 weeks
The vessel (your being) has been prepared during the cleansing phase, and this phase is for gradually increasing the energy that you can hold in both its intensity and refinement of vibration so that the power and clarity of your channel shifts, as well as your understanding of what you are, what you are here for, and how you can embody being a vessel connected in Oneness, where the impact of your being is not only for yourself and those directly in your life, but for the community as well.
(Followed by a 3 day break)

Module 3: Implementation, 9 days
During this phase you practice the embodiment of this substantially more intense frequency of energy, and for a 9 day period implement a channeled task. The task varies and is appropriate for the group. This can be a channeled trip with purpose, or facilitation of the Level 1, or a community project.

Note that during the 6 weeks, when done consecutively, you will have 6 days off that will be in between the modules.

Physical Exercise:

During the Level 2 you will build up to 3 hours of physical exercise a day in order to be able to assimilate the energy experienced in the program and to recalibrate your being.


There will be intermittent fasting of a Dira detox diet, where breakfast and lunch will be solid meals, and dinner and snacks in between will be detox liquid only. The Dira Detox is predominantly a vegetable and fruit based diet, and excludes all meats, shellfish, eggs, soya, dairy, gluten, nuts, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. The purpose of the detox is to cleanse your energetic system and reduce the impact of the eliminated foods on the energetic system.


You will need to complete 3 hours of service a week

Impact on your life:

The Level 2 is a pre-requisite to offer channeling sessions for the public. Following the Level 2 you will be able to do the induction for individuals and channel for small groups of 6.

The Level 2 also starts to expand your auric field and recalibrate your energy body to be able to hold late amounts of energy. During the Level 2 you are taught how to facilitate all of the Key Dira protocols so that you are able to comfortably facilitate others. Participants also become much more confident in their channeling abilities and it becomes like second nature.


"​It was an experience of a lifetime, and I did not want it to end.. In all honesty, this retreat has tackled all aspects of that which governs the self.. Not only did it expanded my horizon from a spiritual perspective, but physically and mentally as well.. I have gained a lot of tools which were covered during the retreat that not only allowed me to apply it to my day to day life but in my work too.. Yes, work!!! I am a full time personal trainer, and I channel all my clients workouts as well as my own workouts.. The channel gives me what's appropriate for that day, taking all perspectives into consideration.. It has become a part of me and I wish I had discovered this sooner.. This is how I chose to live my life now and I would never go back."
D.M, Oman

"Level 2 has given me all the tools I need to experience my life in bliss, and to create magnificence, and to extend this light to others. I am much more attuned to my surroundings and my own energies and cycles. Awareness comes for me much easier and I’m able to trust and see that the best is here for me, no matter the situation. And in moments where I used to feel so negative and out of balance I’m able to flip the switch to seeing the positives effortlessly, making the most out of it. And even when the cloud of negativity stays, I’m still able to hold hope and peace. I’m so happy to be able to see clearly the love and light in me and and in all. And the best part is to be able to share this gift of love with everyone in my life, I see instantly how they have naturally shifted too by me just allowing myself to be. It’s such a joy to be alive, experiencing everything in this way. I’m so grateful to Dira and to everyone I met there, I know they’re friends for life. Thank you for allowing me the space to shine."
A.B, London

"They say 'It only takes one profound experience to change somebody's life.' This was by far life changing for me. I would recommend to anyone. It basically provides you with tools that would help you heal, and discover the most magnificent possibilities for your life."
K.S, Oman

"The level 2 retreat has helped me look deeply into my limiting beliefs and emotions and make some final releases! I have also learnt that embodying my truth is easier and feels better compared to having masks that dim my light. The list doesn't stop here. I feel one with everyone and everything. I radiate more joy. I am less fearful. I am more at peace with myself and in unconditional surrender to God. I also have more clarity when it comes to my purpose in life and I can express myself more freely. I recommend this retreat to anyone who feels ready to see their face on everyone that they meet... because we are all one!"
​S.K, Oman

Level 2 was a surprise orchestration for me as I didn’t realize how much I needed it. I can’t quite describe the experience because it’s so unique to you as an individual yet you realize that you’re not alone and other participants are going through the same journey as you. This level prepares you to be in channel and practice it in various ways. You find yourself doing exercises that really challenge your insecurities and discomfort. In addition, it also helps you release many core beliefs that have been blocking you from living a blissful experience. I feel the cleansing exercises helped tremendously and has made me realize that I no longer want to hold on to anything that doesn’t serve and define me. Level 2 allows you to witness your light and is definitely the beginning of a beautiful journey to completely surrendering to and embracing your divinity. I’m beyond grateful for this experience and look forward to continuing the Dira journey.


"You will witness your divinity, explore your soul and connect to divine source. After the completion of the retreat you will be a master at it and will also be equipped with several tools that allows you to align yourself with your soul purpose on this earth and experience oneness on a whole different level! - You being in your light will be a service to humanity"

"You are reborn as you let go of layers that no longer serve you and taste the true essence of your soul and what it truly means for you and humanity to be in your light "


DIRA change my life.
After graduate LEVEL 1 and 2 I discovered my true self and purpose in life.
I healed my past, my soul and my body.
At DIRA, I discovered true LOVE and ONENESS.
I am grateful!


I had many reservations about doing the Level 2 online. I couldn't imagine how it would ever compare to an in-person experience. I am elated to say, it exceeded my expectations further than I could have ever imagined.
The amount of energy felt and received is on par, if not higher, as you are able to facilitate more people in a group online, amplifying the light even more.
The connection to others was just as impressive. Witnessing someone else's healing and growth is a spectacular sight to see no matter how you see it.
And the love felt was undeniable.
I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this initial online offering of a Dira International Level 2 retreat. I believe it will pave a beautiful path for many others to participate in this same way.
Thank you to all the facilitators and participants for a spectacular journey. I love you all so much and I look forward to facilitating and hosting in the future.

Dira's Level 2 has been deeply transformative for me in every way. This has helped me to reconnect with my essence, what I am passionate about in life, to let go of burdens and limiting thoughts that I no longer need, and to empower myself in my light. In this level 2 I have been able to connect with my Divinity and my channel in a clearer way as well as with the truth of my soul. I am immensely grateful to all the facilitators and to Dira for such an unforgettable experience!

"When you think you have reached bliss , level 2 sweeps you off your feet and shows you 1000 times more bliss. I’m grateful."

Level 2 literally takes you to another level of experiencing the energy. It's like everything around you powers up, which boosts your confidence in Divine and your own channel. I totally loved it and recommended dearly to anyone. It's a step further on my own path, on finding my voice and expressing myself as a Divine being. I feel magical after Level 2!

This retreat was an opportunity to expand oneself, whether you were living in darkness or just needed to enhance your light and build that trust in God, then this is a retreat that cannot be missed. I was able to understand myself more clearly and trust that whatever was ahead of me is all within me. I Just had to tap into that source for everything to become clear. Also, the energy and the people you meet and interact with is just amazing.

When one is looking for a purpose in my opinion it's not so much about finding the meaning of life, but rather about becoming one's best self as he/she moves through life. There are multiple pathways through which one can find his/her higher purpose in life. Pathways such as meditation and prayer, personal reflection and the pure art of practicing overall wellness.

Seeking a purpose is its own reward. Persons who know their purpose exhibit many positive traits including one of the greatest rewards we each aspire for and that is happiness, self satisfaction. They walk through and simply living life through a gracious and compassionate manner and continually striving towards self-actualization. Many times we look at those that have found their purpose and we note they savor life and they flourish in areas such as personal relationships, and self-esteem and their outlook on life.

If you find yourself wanting to find your purpose and you have taken the first step and that is to understand what is it you are looking for; know there are many different pathways to achieve this . For me it was through Dira. Level 1 opened the doors and Level 2 sealed the deal this is definitely the path for me. I look forward to going through the other levels.

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