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The program is 9 days from 8am to 8pm, done in a group and is facilitated by a practitioner. The 9 day cycle is a commitment, as in a shorter period one may leave feeling raw as the energizing phase would not have been completed, and 9 days of "rebooting" is the duration of the cycle for the Level 1. If you cannot attend the full program, we recommend booking at another date when you are available for the entire program.


The program is non-residential at Dira


Submit completed Form & Agreement upon booking



Upcoming Dates:

April 2024 (Exact dates to be confirmed)


The Level 1 is facilitated by facilitators who have completed at least the Level 2.

Life Aspect:

Physical Life


Root Chakra


The Level 1 retreat is a program that is a unique experience for each individual that participates in it. The general framework takes the participant through a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey. Over the course of the 9 days, you will release the layers that dim your light from shining and will learn how to be a clear channel of The Divine.

The entire program is facilitated by The Divine, and although on the level of physical experience there is presentation of various exercises, 98% of what shifts within you occurs at an energetic level through Divine intervention.


With regards to what can be expected from the program; the participants will learn how to be a clear channel of The Divine on the first day, and receive an orientation on core questions such as what are we, what is this world, what is "Divine" and what are we here for.

The following days cover a journey to the soul as one clears the layers in the physical, emotional, ego, mental and astral bodies, so that you experience the magnificence of your light. How the journey for the group unfolds and the exercises done is always different, and depends what is needed by each individual there, but it can be assumed that there will be a cycle of first cleansing and release, and then energising and experience of light.

At the start of the day you will be guided by the facilitator through channel on what will take place that day. Some of the exercises will be done in a group, some in pairs, and some individually - all will be appropriately guided.

The final day is a celebration of your light.

Physical Exercise:

Over the course of the program, physical exercise incrementally increases up to 2 hours a day spread over the duration of the day. This is to prepare the physical body to receive Divine energy that the body can integrate and assimilate.


Your will share as a group 3 meals a day of a detox diet. The Dira Detox is predominantly a vegetable and fruit based diet, and excludes all meats, shellfish, eggs, soya, dairy, gluten, nuts, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. The purpose of the detox is to reduce the impact of the frequencies of the eliminated foods on your energetic system.


All of the participants agree prior to starting the program to offer a minimum of 3 hours of their service to the group as a part of the program, as in giving one clears the channel to receive.

Impact on your life:

The Level 1 The Level 1 is the introduction to Dira and is life changing as for many it is the first time that they experience true Oneness. They come to realise that they are not separate from anyone and that all are connected in a resonance of vibration. They understand the impact of their thoughts on their physical body, the come to release emotions and trauma that was held onto for years, and they experience Divine Love - something that in itself is worth the nine days. Level 1 participants make close friendships and bonds with one another, as they come to be known in a way that for many, no one has ever known them before and still held them in a space of love.


"It is hard to imagine the mix of words of the feelings you have after coming to Dira. The first that come to mind are excitement, gratitude, appreciation, belonging, wealth, and not the money kind of wealth, but the real wealth that you feel right in your bones. Freedom, peace, happiness, hope, joy and so many more. But there are not enough accurate words to express all of the emotions of love I feel in this moment. I walked into Dira with a willing heart, a desire to learn, an open mind. I also had the intention to heal all of the broken parts of me that have been crying for years. Parts of me that have been filled with sadness, desperation and lack of purpose. The parts that made me feel like alcohol is the only option to numb the pain of anger, experience relief from crushing depression, and escape the feelings of growing isolation. To say that is all that happened would be shadowing the single most mind shifting experience I have ever had. To say the love moving forward feels never ending would be conservative. To say my heart is bursting with joy in knowing that this is just the beginning would be an understatement. To say my mind is wheeling with thoughts and feelings of humility by being in the presence of such wonderful people would be putting it mildly, and to say my soul is rejoicing in the relief that I am able to shine in my light would not do it justice. The lessons I have leant come from an infinite library of knowing and deep understanding, not only of myself but of the unconditional love of Divine. I can let go of the need to control my life and trust that all is as it should be, I can let go of the fear of loss and living without, I can release the feelings of shame and unworthiness and replace them with love and compassion. I can forgive myself for all of my past mistakes and fully embrace my future. How can it be possible to fall in love and gain a family in only an instant? Its almost as if between the spaces of life where time stands still or ceases to exist each second was multiplied a million times so we could spend a million seconds knowing each other in each second that went by. That these glimpses in the eyes that hold the entire world in them allowed a bonding deeper than lineage and stronger than blood. This was a gift to myself in celebration that I live in sobriety, a miracle in itself, but walking away with a desire to shine in the magnificent possibilities of my life is more than I could ever ask for. Dira has changed me as a person. I will never be the same. Thank you for being a part of that, I am eternally grateful."

T.M - Canada

"How to describe what has been a transformation of the very fabric of this experience we call life?! My choice would not be words, but instead make you feel. Make you feel the changes I feel, the turns for the better that I experience, the many doors almost forgotten that now open up widely, the synchronicity of, well, life itself. But I would fall short. Because even if you will feel my words laden with gratitude for realizing how close I am to the Divine Source, it would not be enough. Not nearly enough. The gem lies in experiencing it - and I hope you will experince it too. And be changed forever. I wish I could explain the taste of trust in the Divine Plan, the Heart pulsating in gratitude, the tremours of surrendering when opening to receive nurturing - and the bliss of receiving it… I could perhaps say I am getting closer to the taste of being, with all its life-changing flavours. I came wanting material proof of change. The tears shed with trusted friends in my group. witness to it. The healing - oh, the healing!! Back home, I realize that this is the gift that keeps om giving. Every day. So yes, if you want proof, you will get plenty. I hoped for healing, for questions answered, for experince to confirm it, for sustainable results back at home. I also wanted practical tools that work. It’s all there - and heaps more. Oh, and the support received in Level 1 is heart melting. Deeply grateful to Lubna, Suchi and my wonderful group. I can’t wait to deepen this journey. I am hooked on the sweetest high - the taste of being."

​D.C - Norway

"Words cannot express the invaluable life-changing gifts I received from this experience. I went into the retreat not really knowing what to expect and emerging a new person. I broke through barriers I had been working on for years, and in just 9 days I achieved years worth of soul work and revealed a new path and way of thinking. I came out healed from a lifetime of pain and suffering - rejoicing and feeling a sense of freedom, and experiencing true unconditional love. Now open to a new world of possibilities, a shifted perspective and tools to help continue on this path of awareness and oneness. After 32 years I have finally found myself, found God, after a lifetime of running, I'm finally home."

R.G - Canada

"I am grateful to have taken part of the Level 1 Retreat and feel blessed to have been part of this journey of awakening. There is no quantifying to what I learnt, but what stays with me is the feeling I was struck with when I first arrived. The gracefulness of how you opened your house and allowed others to enjoy, share and receive. This felt like an invitation for me from day one to be with, its hard to say but this acceptance of others, this openness and giving, this allowing and enjoying, this celebration and being has shattered my meaning, making, and my perception of what constitutes reality. I can no longer be in the world as a separate "I" having tasted this experience of "We". I question, am I giving from the deep feeling of gratitude that has molded me in a new way, what is this giving? what it means to open one's self to the world and others and give "unconditionally" with joy and celebration? what is this state of allowing and accepting? how do I comprehend it with my human mind? I sensed a generosity that is akin to grace, and is this what grace is all about? how different it is to feel something than reading about it from the books. The invitation to open up and feel this gratitude is so strong and present, that there is no going around it. To say I am forever changed is to merely touch the surface of this realization. For the first time in my life, I ask myself, is grace here, is love here, is beauty here, but this asking is not with words, its simply the realization that all these feelings are always here and they are begging me to see, to listen and receive."

O.A - Dubai

"My life has changed. Rather.. my outlook on life has changed. My life is now full of a clear and beautiful purpose. My questions have been answered, and those that haven't been answered no longer require an answer. I have made friends for life. I have fallen in love.. a kind of love i've never felt; one that has absolutely zero expectations in return; one that can never fade. I wish this love upon everyone, as it is available to every single soul. Come to Dira and you will find it."

​V.B - Canada

"We recommend the Dira Level 1 Retreat for every couple, whether you are looking to rekindle your love or having issues. It is beautiful to see your partner from a Divine perspective, and appreciate them for who they are."

​T&L - Oman

"Thanks for the greatest 9 days of my life. Thank you for the explosions of emotions, for burning our judgements, healing our physical ailments, overcoming our fears, making emotional resolutions, dancing day and night, laughing joyfully and uncontrollably, and OH! let's not forget crying so hard too! Thanks for the natural highs and for letting us experience the Divine and the light that we always hear about but never see; but thank you mostly for the euphoric oneness."

​S.M - Oman

"Experiencing infinite love and oneness in just 9 days - I never imagined that could be possible. I gained mental clarity and felt a big expansion within, shifted my perceptions and understood my life's purpose! I healed many old woulds and traumas, filled my heart with compassion and released what is not needed anymore. Have met amazing people who became my soul family as our hearts beat on the same frequency - love."

​D.A - Russia

"Dira's Level 1 Retreat experience is limited by words, the expanse of this life altering experience can only be lived. It was the best decision I made."

​N.V - India

"My heart has never felt this full. Full of love. Through my Level 1 I experienced magic. My internal magic, the magic in others, the magic of connecting. Connecting with the DIvine Source Energy has changed my life. Full of love and high vibrational energy. Come through and Dira will take you with open loving arms, like they did with me. Highly recommended."

F.N - Oman

"Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about yourself, your life, your feelings about the life you’re living, your purpose and why you are here? Through Dira I became aware that I was not alone in that feeling of confusion. Dira’s level 1 program is where I really stood in front of a mirror and saw myself for the first time. It’s an opportunity to understand who you are. You get to listen, understand, reflect, laugh, dance, cry and experience unconditional love and oneness at its purest unlimited form. You suddenly have the answers to all those questions and tools to moving forward with your life. You witness, feel and have the knowing that you’re not alone, that you are loved and protected. You understand that this is just the beginning of your journey to shed all the layers and shine the same way you did when you were born. I’m still in awe and continue to be grateful for being open to knowing myself, others and above all The Divine in a safe and blissful environment called home."

​M.M - Oman

"This experience has enriched me in many aspects, emotional, personal, physical, it has given me the opportunity to know myself better, to believe in myself and my personal capabilities. I have also met wonderful people, all diverse, yet all united in their diversity, in the oneness."

​T.E - Italy

"My 9 days experience can't be expressed in words. It was an amazing journey of self discovery. It is a journey where you learn to leave behind judgement, resentment, pain and sadness, and you emerge at the end of it seeing, breathing, and tasting love and bliss. Life has shifted for me and I am forever grateful to have shared it with the people that I did"

K.K - Oman

"People spend years trying to heal, and for me to be able to let go of issues and pain I held in my heart for so long in just a matter of nine days was mind-blowingly freeing !!!! TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS!!!

D.D - Oman

"Beautiful beyond description. The experience is catered to each participant and what they are going through in their life. I am grateful for the experience, it opened my mind by shifting my perspective and thoughts, and opened my heart to oneness and love."


"This retreat is transformative in so many ways for everyone that takes part. For me personally I learnt to trust myself more, trust people again, and to trust Divine or God. I also found clarity about my purpose and journey in life. Moreover, i dealt with several core beliefs that were hindering my life. I feel more infinite, abundant, joyful, blissful and trusting now. I recommend channeling to anyone who is seeking to understand who they truly are and have all their lifelong questions answered."

S.K - Oman

"A space made for people to come together, a safe place, a kind and generous space, one without judgement and full of unconditional love"

A.N - Oman

"This experience has opened my mind and heart. I'm grateful Dira helped me find inner trust and knowing. I've never been more confident, and i feel so blessed to have met the most amazing, most loving souls"

A.B - London

"I was lost and now i'm found. Through channeling and attending the retreat I discovered who I was and what I have been blind to all my life. The experience allowed me to discover my true potential and purpose in life. I am forever grateful for this experience. Thank you Dira for your love and support."

D.M - Oman

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