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Ready to tap into your supernatural capacity by accessing Divine consciousness?


Dira Basic Channeling: Accessing Divine Consciousness is an introduction to Dira’s channeling method and is the foundation of all Dira's programs.


This book is the transcription and companion guide to the Dira Basic Channeling Workshop.


It provides a metaphysical experience and tips for practice. Channeling is where you tune into your intuition and intangible senses. This connection is our connection as humans to Divine Source energy. Dira provides simple techniques to open this connection clearly, safely, and on your demand. The Objective is to learn how to channel Divine Source energy.


The book has 12 sections 

1. Overview

2. Introduction to Channeling

3. Dira Channeling Induction

4. Help with the Induction

5. Channeling Process and Guidelines

6. Help with the Experience of Channeling

7. Types of Channel and Ways to Use Channeling

8. Help with Understanding Messages From Channel

9. Help Dealing with Doubt

10. Removing Blocks to Channeling

11. Ways to Improve your Channeling Capability

12. Moving Forward




Language: English

File Format: Epub (FREE Epub readers, such as iBooks for Mac and ReadEra ebook reader and others for Windows can be downloaded onto your device to read Epub files and create a library. The Ebook experience is much better in an Epub format versus a PDF. Contact if you still require pdf format)

Dira Basic Channeling- Accessing Divine Consciousness (Ebook)

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