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The most important book you will ever buy that will help you practically use your supernatural capacity!


This book is a follow-up to Dira’s Basic Channeling and offers the key information and protocols to integrate channeling into your life. The Objective is to learn how to use channeling and the connection to  Divine Source energy to change & improve all areas of your life.


This book is the transcription and companion guide to the Dira Advanced Channeling Program given by Lubna Kharusi, the Founder of Dira. Lubna Kharusi is one of the clearest channelers of Divine Source on the earth today and teaches people how to also become channels of Source.


It provides a metaphysical experience and tips for practice. In addition to the entire Dira Advanced Channeling Program (a 9 day program), it includes almost 100 pages of Dira Protocols, Reference Charts, and more for your easy reference on how to use your channel to change your life with the standard Dira exercises and tools.


Some of the protocols covered include Core Belief Release, Emotional Resolutions, Physical Healing, Entity Release, Programming Light, Cleansing & Energising Your Energy Field, and much more.


Channeling is where you tune into your intuition, inspiration, and intangible senses. This connection is our connection as humans to Divine Source energy. Dira provides simple techniques to open this connection clearly, safely, and on your demand.

Table of contents:
1. Introduction
2. Core Belief Releases
3. Calling on Other Consciousness
4. Cleansing & Energizing with the Elements
5. Understanding, Measuring & Balancing Energy
6. Entities, Spirits, Thought Forms & Environment
7. Physical Healing
8. Emotional Release & Resolution
9. Knowing your Soul’s Purpose
10. Programming of Light
11. The Journey of Life
12. Moving Forward

13. Conclusion

Appendices - Charts & Protocols


Language: English

File Format: Epub (FREE Epub readers, such as iBooks for Mac and ReadEra ebook reader and others for Windows can be downloaded onto your device to read Epub files and create a library. The Ebook experience is much better in an Epub format versus a PDF. Contact if you still require pdf format)


Note that all QR codes both in epub and PDF versions of the book are clickable links.

Dira Advanced Channeling- How to Use Channeling to Change Your Life

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