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Make 2024 the best year yet with our 5 day goal setting bootcamp!

As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Now that 2024 has begun, get your vision and goals clear with our 5 day digital program that will take you through the goal setting process.

In order to facilitate your upcoming year, it is always best to align your goals with your soul's calling, and this program offers guidance on how to do that so that you have the best year possible.

Day 1 - Taking Stock

Day 2 - Setting yourself free from what held you back last year

Day 3 - Dream & Envision

Day 4 - Plan

Day 5 - Staying on Track

Book the program now! It is included in Dira Monthly, Annual and Lifetime Membership for Free, so become a member today, or you can purchase the program separately.

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