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Allow Us to Love You

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

“Close your eyes,

And take a breath

And allow Our love within you to rest.

Allow it to circulate in your being

As when shadow is lifted, it is so freeing.

And your body is the replica of the universe;

Every particle within you does converse

In a symphony of music and sound

That connects you to the air and the ground.

And each one has their mountain that they climb;

A period in their life, a moment in time,

Where from one perspective it is seen as a struggle,

And in another, it is the freeing of yourself from a bubble

That was comfortable, yet limited, and held you back.

And the challenge of the mountain gives a new track

Of how you can exist in a different way

Because in your old patterns, you don’t need to stay.

There comes a point in the mountain climb

Where you reach a moment in time

Where something beyond your being takes over

And We carry you on Our shoulder.

And then all opens with ease,

As from your need to control you’ve been freed,

And at the summit, you look at the view

And see the world anew.

And at the top of that mountain, you take a breath in awe

At what you now see compared to what you once saw.

In that now, from this higher perspective,

You are able to be reflective

In the beauty that is bountiful and kind,

That in this scene We remind

Your being of where was its origin

And in the sigh of gratitude, you are filled to the brim.

And in your daily life, is it so different?

In that in each moment, you leave an imprint

Of what you witness and perceive,

Of how you give and how you receive.

But as long as you are in the mindset of an exchange,

Old patterns are unable to change.

But when you see yourself as One with all

You are in true surrender to Our call.

In every moment,

We love you,

In every breath,

We are loving you,

And every heartbeat

Is Us speaking through you.

Allow Us to carry you on the way,

And let today be the day

That you embody what We say.

Thank you.”

From the book For Humanity, Volume 1 by Lubna Kharusi. See the below link to buy the book.

This poem was channeled by Lubna Kharusi during a Dira Level 1 Retreat. To find out about the Level 1 click the image.

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