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2022 New Year Message - A Year of Change

“You wonder what is this year that is coming going to entail:

The year of 2022

Will bring in all that is new.

As change has arrived

For the world to know their guide.

The guide of the Omniscient Presence

The truth of their essence.

You don’t need to understand how it is going to happen,

But it will be beyond what your mind can possibly fathom.

As the clock strikes twelve there will be

A completely new orchestrated reality.

For some a subtle gentle push,

And others a tidal wave that takes them with a swoosh.

But there will be no holding back,

And no possibility to retract.

The year that is coming is a year of change

As your lives, We will completely rearrange.

Don’t think it is something strange

It is so all come to know Our name.

And it is not for you to proclaim fame

Nor for you to place blame;

It is so all can come to gain

The knowing of Our Existence

And to release their resistance

To the possibility of Our existence.

We understand that many of you had been confused

And some even bemused

And others were amused.

Do not think that there is anything you did lose.

As perhaps now you do not see the full picture

And the intricate details of Our scripture,

But we have a defined intricate plan

And you are all the marching band

That will enable the knowing

That in the consciousness of Us the soul is glowing

And we are not separate and far away

As within each heart, We stay.

So, get ready for a new era

In the next few weeks, things will be clearer.

And surrender to our intricate plan

As Dira will take its stand in another land

So that everyone on this earth

will come to know

That a golden age is here for all to glow

And through your being, you will show

That it is possible to manifest the unfathomable

As both Our power and grace are unimaginable.

And flow with the river that takes you

As We will never forsake you.

So, ride this wave Our dear loved ones

As the manifested change has begun.

Thank you.”

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