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2021 New Year Message

“A caterpillar lived in a little cocoon

And it will be breaking free very soon

As the time has come to spread its wings

And enjoy the bounty that Divine brings.

All this time you thought you were hiding

But it was Our light that you were finding

Polishing the gem deep inside

So that you could spread Our message without any pride.

As you have been preparing for what is to come

Where systems of the world will come undone.

And constructs that held people in separation

And borders that divide countries and nations

Will unravel themselves when We pull the string

As it is time for you to bring

The Oneness of Our majestic light

And a dawn that comes at the end of the night.

The year that is coming may not seem easy

But those that soar in Our love will find it breezy

Easy to sail, easy to fly

As Our light within they can no longer deny.

Indeed, chaos may perpetuate itself

It is only for the past to be laid on the shelf

As the contrast was only spawn

For people to marvel at the dawn.

In this year that is coming you will greet

Our being of Oneness, whom you will meet

And all across the world and skies

Our signs will be clear, so none can deny.

And you think perhaps, how could it be?

That this world could change with little me?

But it is Us that leads the way

And this realm will follow what We say.

The marching band will come to formation

Starting in a non-threatening nation

And there is nothing for you to fear

As by now you know that We are near.

This year that is coming will be a combustion

That results from a grand conjunction

And light will force itself through the cracks

As now there is no turning back.

We would encourage you to be excited

As in excitement, movement can propel

And shadows and layers can be dispelled.

Perhaps all want to hear it will be a gentle course

But all We will say is there will be no remorse.

Continue in the surrender

Continue to remember

That each one has a purpose on this earth

And you are all here for the giving birth

To a realm of Oneness, a new earth.

Thank you.”

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