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Dira for me is a love sanctuary where one is able to experience love infinitely flowing freely amongst all, within all and around all. A place where masks, veils, labels and layers are instantly released and shadows are embraced. Allowing for one to freely experience the essence of their soul. An environment that permits & facilitates one to ‘just be’ the love being that we all are. Bringing to life, the epitome of love that we all are created as.

Dira is for anyone and everyone that is interested to go on a journey to explore the inner & external world through the eyes of their soul. In this shift of perspective of lens from ego to the soul, one is able to witness miracles. As you allow for the flow of infinite magnificent possibilities to effortlessly unfold.

The holistic and interconnected nature of the retreat (mind, physical, emotional, energetic) allows for the drastic energetic shift to occur. This manifests itself effortlessly into the reality of your world. Post the retreat the recalibration is evidently seen and undeniably felt in all areas of your life (e.g. weight, life style, withdrawal from addictions/attachments, pursuit of passion).

To evoke & ignite the feelings experienced through words is impossible. So if one desires for such miraculous magical encounters, do your self a favor and experience it! Rest assured one can’t possibly regret it- after all, its only 9 days of your life!! Nothing to lose but lots to gain is all I can say!


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