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“You have been born into this earth;
Is there a reason for your birth?
And you pass through life, wanting to know
How it is your soul can glow,
Searching at every turn
And every person is there for you to learn
That you are connected, and One,
And you have been since time began.

Perhaps it’s time to end the strife
And know the true meaning of your life –
Of what it is you have come here for,
To be able to let go of the yearning for more?
You are here to glow like the sun
And in that shining all worries are undone.
And you may ask, perhaps, how is it you can glow?
Is there a way for you to know?

And it all begins with the focus on the light
That within you shines so bright
When you allow it to,
When you let go of the layers so that it can shine through.

Your coming here isn’t random on this day,
It is so you can learn the way
Of connecting to your magnificent light,
So that you shine even in the darkest of nights.

Thank you.”

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