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“A spark of light is like a flame;
It dissolves the layers, when you call Our name.

There are those who plead to Us in fear of wrath
And those who plead, seeking the enlightened path,

And all the calls We hear,
And for all of you We are near,
Regardless of what drives you to come here.

And the fear is just a layer
That enables a heartened prayer,
And so in it there is nothing wrong –
In the end, you still sing Our song.

And for those who come to bask in Our light
And call up to the sky throughout the night,
Shedding tears of mere delight,
Is their way any more right?

Our love is for all to give;
It’s through your call that We live
And We do not differentiate amongst Our parts
As We reside in all of your hearts.

But We will reassure you; do not be afraid
As this entire universe, for you, We have made,
So that when the sun rises in the sky
The fainthearted cannot deny
That there is something that holds it there –
A force beyond them, that feeds the glare.

The stars are just one of Our signs
For you to process within your mind –
That all exists within The Divine.

Thank you.”

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