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"A most beautiful creature on this earth.
For the discovery of love, hence your birth –
Could there be another reason for your existence?
You may choose to deny Our insistence
That you are a magnificent being of light.
Even if you try to hide with all your might
We see you in every cave in which you hide,
We know you are love, as long as you’re alive.

Don't go through life forgetting what you are;
That your light is brighter than the largest star
And you are worthy of this love – it is what We give to you.
So let go of the delusions and listen to what is true:
That the flowers spread their petals, so that you can come close,
And crickets chirp in the night, singing you a toast,
And the breeze comes to caress your skin
To remind you that your light you shouldn’t dim
Because even the sun cannot compete with your light.
In Our eyes, you are the one who shines so bright;
Receive the love that We offer you,
It is time to start this journey anew.

Thank you."

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