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“How is it that this journey did begin?
Was it with the formation of your skin?
And you entered into this world unknowing
That your natural state of being is glowing.

What is it that you have come here for?
Some would say, to settle a score;
Others would say, for the accumulation of more
And others would say, for the soul to soar.

But all of these notions are merely a perspective
On which perhaps, you can be reflective,
As no one reason of purpose is fixed,
Aside from knowing The Divine is in the mix.

And is your being here to be in surrender?
Or is that just the formula for splendour?
As you are here to witness The Divine
In this realm of space and time
So that all of Our facets can be known
Through the lens of this realm We have sown.

And the drama that you feel in a moment
Is not the ultimate quotient
For assessing the fulfilment of your task.
Only if, in the drama, you ask
For the light to rise into your view
And from there is the expansion into something new
That had not been witnessed before.
As through you Our light can pour
Into the conscious expanse
Of skies, seas and lands.

As to Us you will return
And in this process, you will learn
That We are The Infinite Source of all,
And Our Majesty will never fall.

Thank you.”

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