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“Nearby the lake, a cry from the loon
That pierces the silence below the rising moon.
A ripple through the water as a fish jumps up;
The loon calls over his friends to try their luck.

And the fog starts to settle above the lake.
The animals, so careful in every move they make
For their life, they think, is what is at stake
But only that which is planned is what We will take.

And the berries grow on a prickly hedge,
A risk for the deer who go to fetch,
But that sweetness is worth it, it’s worth every scratch
And they are grateful for the bountiful batch.

The provision that is given for each and every being,
Before you receive it, may not be seen,
But all is apportioned in appropriate time
And it flows to you freely when you are aligned.

The beaver collects twigs to build his dam
And the fox observes; he is a fan.
But yet this beaver is an example for common man
Of how building your dream concurs with Our plan.

When you sit back and observe the creatures of the wild,
They have more knowledge than any adult or child;
They understand the flow of Our provision
As all division is under Our supervision.

And humans, out of breath, worry and pace,
Thinking provisions comes from a race.
It is gratitude that allows abundance to flow:
So simple a formula for you to know.
Though gratitude seems so difficult to feel
And in the panic of lack, you grab or you steal.
Whereas if you knew there is enough for all
Our blessings would flow whenever you call.

Thank you.”

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