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"What is silence?
Is there ever silence?
When the words stop
The birds sing.

What is silence?
Is it the absence of your thoughts?
When your thoughts stop
Your heart still beats.

So what is silence?
When you are in your retreat
You may sit in the dark
To cut out the noise
But your body is ticking
In its function and poise.

So what is silence?
Is it just stopping your words?
Or is it the moment
That We are heard?

And when you call on Us
Are We committed to respond?
Or is it through the nurturing of Our bond
That We open the waves
For Our love to flow
So your soul is rejoicing
In splendour and glow?

What is silence,
If not to hear Our song?
Is it even necessary?
We are with you all along.

Is there a formula
That opens the way?

Is there a place to go
Or something you pay?

It is the opening of your heart
For the petals We lay.

It is in the core of your abyss
Where We always will stay.

So is it through silence
That you will hear Our word?
And what about a butterfly,
A bee or a bird?
Do they stop what they do
To experience Our flow?
Do they ponder this connection
Or do they just know?

A journey,
A process
That you go through expands,
The possibility
Is infinite,
Just like the sands

In how you connect
And acknowledge Our love.
You will find your way,
It will fit like a glove.

Each is unique
In this journey and path,
So take it light-heartedly
And rejoice, and laugh.

If the connection does not bring
Joy and splendour
Then what are you doing?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Even if you don’t know,
We are calling you;
So go with the flow.

Thank you."

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