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“What are you here for?

You are here to witness Us
As no other task would feel enough.
You are here to witness the light in the dark.
You are here to witness an igniting spark
That ignites the hearts around
So that all can know that they have been found
And that they found their way to the Source of all
And that they have been open to Our call.

What are you here for?
If not to see
That there is no separation between ‘you’ and ‘me’
And all in this realm are in fact One
And in that awareness, you shine brighter than the sun.

What are you here for?
If not to be
The Infinite Divinity.
So that all can witness Our majesty.

We understand that at times it can be confusing
And the constructs of mind can be deluding
And distract you from what your purpose is
And all separation We do forgive
As it is only a figment of the mind
Could it be that any human is unkind?
Could it be that a heart is rotten?
Or is it just that We are forgotten?
We call all into Our embrace
As in each We see Our face
And every face shines Our light
So, there is no need to put up a fight
Around what is right and what is wrong
In the end, all are going to sing Our song.

You have all gathered here as a group
And We are grateful for Our troop
That will call out to the world to see
That there is a magnificent possibility
In loving one another as though you are One
And you will all light the torch of this sun.

And this light is not about a story
It is not about the ego’s glory
It is not about getting your way
Or confusing the things that We say.
It is about flowing in surrender
It is then that you will feel Our tender,
Gentle, blissful embrace;
To be shared with the whole human race.

Thank you.”

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