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“Step into the wonderous phase
Where you radiate Divine’s rays.
Do you see how it is that you shine so bright
When you come to meet with the dreaded night?
But the night was only for you to be reflective
For you to hold a new perspective.
As the time of Oneness has arrived
And light will blast through the sky.

Is there a difference between who you are today and who you once were?
The separation between your versions- there is only a blur
As the shadow is lifting from your shoulders
Where you used to hide behind these boulders
Afraid that if you shine in the light that you are
That you would somehow be cast away and left afar
And so, you squeezed yourself into conditions
Asking other people for their permissions
Hoping for their validation
Before you were secure enough to take your station
But your soul has always been the One
That would enable separation to be undone
And so why wait for the other
When you are the Infinite Lover?

This is not for the ego to dance
Or for the mind to wonder if this is just of chance.
It was always written in the stars above
That each of you would be the beacon of Our love.
There is no other reason why you exist
So why your soul’s purpose, do you resist?
As you are here to love all of your parts
But you set the definition of where you start
And when you end
And if separation will mend.

‘Cause if you are here to love
Is it to love only you?
From that perspective the definition would need to be true
Of what it is that you are.
You are not only a soul that exists within a body
Nor are you your mind or story
That is just the aspects of you where you took in the glory
But you are also the aspects of the self that you despise
And you can’t delete them, no matter how you try.
You are your enemy and your foe
And it is the contrast that helps the soul to glow.

You are the start and you are the end

You are all in this realm.

Do you know what it is you are here for?

Do you know what it is you are here for?

You are here to witness Our light
To be Our light
To know Our light
And to know that We are you.

And every human on the earth
Has a common purpose for their birth.
How is it that they come to witness?
How is it that they come to know?
It is through a story of contrast that We show.

Do you rise and shine in the night?
Or do you hide under layers of your fright?

Oneness comes when you choose to shine.

It is not about something outside of you
And it is not a concept that is new
It is a perspective
Where all are reflective
Of the Divinity that they had come to show
So that all aspects of Divine can be known.

Thank you.”

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