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“Is there a day that passes you by
Where We are not watching you with Our eye?
An eye greater than the entire sky –
Our love for you We would never deny.

We love you when you are asleep and when you are awake,
In the moments of giving, and the moments when you take,
We love you when you are buried underneath your layers
And We love you when you cry in your prayers.
From before you were born, and when you were a child,
And when you were growing up and going wild,
And as you took on the burdens of responsibility
And when you were in anticipation of possibility,
There is no moment that passes where we do not hold you near,
There is no need to resist Our love, no need to fear,
As We love you in every step that you take,
We love you in every mistake you make,
We love you when you judge yourself, or when you accept,
And whether or not you know that you are perfect,
We love you when you push away the ones We bring to you,
That come to teach you of Our love and sing to you,
We love you in your darkest storm,
We love you when shadow is your norm,
We love you when you think or contemplate that We have put you to a test,
But know with all certainty that you can place that construct at rest.

And how many signs do We need to provide to remind you of this?
As a morning breeze caresses you with a gentle kiss
And a flower offers you its sweet scent,
This flower isn’t asking you to repent,
And the birds sing to you in a morning hour
To call Our love to bring you a shower
Of grace and ease and calm,
As the birds know that We hold you in Our palm.

We have loved you right from the start.
There is no moment in time in which We are apart.

And when you look in the eyes of another’s face
Allow them to see you with Our grace
And you too can see Our love in the other
As they are like a sister or a brother
That have come to you in Our orchestration
And the story is only bringing a presentation
For you to see Our love,
For you to know Our love,
For you to be Our love.

Regardless of what you have been told,
Regardless of the constructs of old,
Know for certain that you are in Our embrace –
Not only you, but the entire human race,
And We call you all to a oneness of being
So that all can be seeing
How when out of your heart love pours
You can spread your wings and soar.

Could it be that for one instant you would be alone
When Our love is solid, as solid as stone?

Thank you.”

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