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“You have climbed a mountain high
And fallen into The Divine’s eye.
‘Could this be it?’
You sigh.
‘Can I live like this?’
You’ll try.

Just remember, that your state is bliss
And when there is longing for The Divine’s kiss
Do not look back at what you miss
Because, indeed, your life can be like this –
Where you are supported
And loved
And held
As We are always with you; in Our arms you fell
And so We take this moment for you to tell
That this isn’t some kind of temporary spell.

You have come to understand what you are
And your light shines brighter than the largest star.
It is within you that We reside, not afar
And We are always near, to clear away the tar.

All you need to do is call on Us.
And in surrender you can trust
That you are more than a universe, more than enough,
So, release separation, as it can be so tough,
And let Our signs guide you
And Our elements provide for you
As We would never deny you,
For We are you.

Thank you.”

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