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“The wind blows through your hair
And you rush through your life, no time to spare,
Chasing a dream of what can be;
All the while, from Us you flee.

Do you not see We are right here with you?
Reflecting in all that you do?
And all the people that you meet,
You can see Us in them – they are Our fleet
To show you what love can be.
Through interactions, you can see
That love can be unconditional
And that acknowledgement can be pivotal
In the way that you exist in this world,
Letting go of delusion that is twisted and curled.

It is possible to see just what is
In all your experience and the way that you live.
We inter-permeate everyone and everything;
It is through them, that We sing:
‘There is no separation between you and me’
If you know We are there, it is what you will see.

Thank you.”

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