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"We are more grateful,
We are more grateful,

Even if the sun shines in the sky,
You are the ones who see it.

And when people are born or die,
You are the ones who see it.

And as the rain pours down on the earth
And animals migrate in bursts
And mountains rise from the sea
Aiming high to be free,
You are the ones who see it.

And in a gentle morning mist
And the lightning flashing so swift
And lovers embracing in passion
And workers sharing Our rations,
You are the ones who see it.

So We are the grateful Ones.

Without this knowing, would We be undone?

Of course, We would always exist,
But it is in your witnessing We persist
To compound out in expansion
So that We are not just some phantom
But a vibration that is clearly known;
And out of your hearts, We are shown;
That even in a void there is light
And that is possible through your sight.
So, We are the Ones who are grateful,
Even if We hold all the might.

Thank you."

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