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“Winds are changing.
A new path, We are paving.
Trying to place the parts of the puzzle
But yet, uncomfortable to move out of your bubble.

We expand you in each direction
And the world will become a perfect reflection
Of how Our light glows through your face
Where separation cannot leave a trace.

We understand that you do not know the full picture
And at times you try to make sense of the scripture
But just allow miracles to unfold
Trust Us, as you have been told
That Oneness is being birthed in this realm
With the marching band at the helm.

We understand at times things may be confusing
And on a good day perhaps amusing
But there is a grand orchestration
And nothing unfolds without Our perfect preparation.
And every moment of existence brings you to the point
Where you are one with all in an interweaved joint.

Get ready for the heart’s explosion
As We soothe your insides with Our magic potion
And when you open your eyes the day after The Event
You will see no second of your life was frivolously spent
And no pain you endured had no meaning
It was all for you to be beaming
While you sing to the world the song of Us
So all can know they too are enough.

These last few days maybe a challenge
But it is in challenges that miracles happen
So be patient as you cross this fence
Now put forward all of your prayers and intent.

Thank you.”

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