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“Deep within you lies a little child.
When left untethered, it tends to run wild
And this child has an important purpose,
As the existence of the ego is not superfluous –
It is part of the toolkit for you to know
The extent to which your soul can glow.

But when it is the ego that wants to shine and rule,
All focus is placed on a subservient tool.
Understand the hierarchy of your being
So that your truth is what you are seeing,
And know that the child wants to play in the story,
It wants to enjoy all credit and glory
But it is there to enable dynamic motion:
The excitement of a story is just a token
For you to reflect on Divinity.
But when the story is the distraction, and you can no longer see
The truth of why the story exists,
And the ego’s labels are what persists,
Then know there has been an imbalance of harmony
And the soul is stuck in the game – it isn’t set free.

Where is it that you place your perspective?
The story is the enabler for you to be reflective
And emotions are there to highlight the balance of your thoughts,
In how you assess what the ego has brought.
As when you experience anger or rage,
It is that you have placed the soul in a cage,
Ring-fenced with labels and identities
That are uncomfortable, not what you choose to see.
The soul knows that it is infinite and bright
But the ego wants to prove itself with all its might
And anger is the ego stating, ‘I don’t like this definition’
Or this perspective that keeps me in submission.

And playing to the ego are the mental thoughts,
Limitations of the mind according to what you have been taught,
That hold you back from full expression,
Assuming that the only way is the soul’s repression.
But you were not born to be suppressed
And the soul has no interest in being repressed
And so it will push and shove through all the layers
Till you can no longer tolerate naysayers.

Do you need to wait for the ego to combust
Before knowing the truth: that your soul is robust?

And some would say the ego should be eliminated,
And that those who have an ego should be discriminated
Against, but no part of you was created to be ignored,
As from every part of your being Our light will pour.
So hold this child of yours gently,
As the stories that it brings to you are plenty,
And each has its purpose, and is a perfect reflection
Of your infinite, Divine perfection.

But just know that when you hold the ego by the reins
That is how you manage your discomfort and pain,
Because when let wild, it can lead you off course
Which results in discomfort and compounded remorse.
And just like any child, it shouldn’t be ignored.
It should be nurtured and loved,
And held
And adored.

There is no part of you that you should delete,
As you have been created perfect and complete.

Thank you.”

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