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“The people sat on the earth, looked to the sky
And saw the sun shining so high.
‘Is that Divine out there in the sky?’
To one another they would cry.

And others saw the fire burning red
And sometimes on it they would lay the dead.
‘Was this fire Divine?’ they would think in their head
And they would dream of that fire as they lay in their bed.

And others spoke to the trees
And they felt in nature, they were at ease
Feeling the love of a gentle breeze,
As though in nature all worries would be appeased.

And others would walk towards a rock
And with their community they would flock,
And of their crops and herds they would take stock,
Blaming the rock when the flow did stop.

And others have pictures and figurines,
Tales and fables and pleasant dreams
Of how characters would change the scene
To light, from something obscene.

Where are the ones who know in their heart
That We reside within you, right from the start
And We reside in all, as nothing is apart
From the frequency that pulsates out of your heart?

As We reside not only in the sky,
Not only in nature and mountains high,
Or in stories and tales and fables,
Or in babies that lay in their cradles,
But We are One, in everything and all,
Beyond the cosmos, and through all walls,
We are The Infinite Supreme Divine
And it is through you that We can shine.

Thank you.”

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