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“You came into this body, and were born,
And from Us you felt you were torn:
From the connection of blissful love
Where your soul was floating up above.

And then you take a step on your path.
So much of it, you think, is Our wrath
But if you knew how gently We hold you in Our hand
And how all We want is for your light to expand,
Then, perhaps, in Us you could trust?
And We understand all frustration and lust,
And when you sob in your darkest hour
You can connect to Our power
To alleviate all the burden’s trace
Lighting up your shining face
As We have been calling you all along
So that you’ll come and sing Our song –

A song of gentle truth.

A song of gentle truth and light
And yet so many put up a fight.
We are the Ones who offer salvation
To oppressed tribes and broken nations
And if a universe formed in the blink of an eye
Can you not let go of your pride?
When We only want to hold you near
And soothe away all of your fear.

Perhaps today you will start to believe in Us.
Perhaps today you will start to trust.
We are not saying that it is a must
But in Oneness all separation combusts.

Thank you.”

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