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“The birds soar in the breeze,
Portraying a life of ease
As We fulfil their needs,
For they have let go of greed.

And the light is dappled in the trees;
These trees also live here with ease
And spread their branches, as they’ve been freed.
They fulfil their task and We are pleased.

And you have come here to walk around this town,
Some days in awe and some days with a frown;
Just take a moment to look around
At the splendour that is so profound.

And as you watch this lake and you taste the love
As the birds soar ahead, above,
It is in you that We see the love
When you come to know that, you are enough.

And We are grateful for your glowing smile
As We sit here with you for a while.
Each one recognizes Us with their own style,
As on their own journey they walk the mile
Towards building this relation
And defining Us in their own interpretation.
And though not honoured in each occasion
There are times when We take Our station
In the filling-up of your heart
So that you know that We aren’t apart
And have been with you from the start.
To love Us, is your own art –
There is not one way to pay tribute;
It is not necessary to bow down or salute,
But each one will have their commute
And, at the end, will enjoy the fruits.

We are grateful.

Thank you.”

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