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"There is a riddle
Across the moon
Like when you jump and
Jump too soon.

It can unfold like a flower
With its own majestic power,
Standing out like a tower,
But if you rush it, it turns sour.

And with patience you should wait
For the unfolding of your fate;
Time is measured in its pace,
It is not a sprinting race.

So enjoy it, in its time,
And know that all will be fine
And as you watch, you see the signs,
You see the markings and the lines
Of the picture We have drawn,
The tapestry We have spawned,
All weaved together like a map,
And the witnessing is in the gap
Between the action and the motion.
To understand time’s notion
Is to provide a space to see
In measured pace and glee.

Without the gap,
All would sap
Out of the tree.

Thank you."

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