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“Tick tock
What's the block?

In every delay
There is Our way
To give you a moment to ponder
What lies beyond yonder.

Tick tock
What's the block?

Some think the sediment is settling inside,
Unravelling uncertainty, you can no longer hide
And it is when you choose
To bid it farewell
That you know with certainty
That time will tell
The truth of what lies within you,
Churning around like a stew,
Marking off the things that you do.

Tick tock
Why be in shock?
It's your own block!
So do not turn to the clock,
Understand what you must unlock.
The hands of time only mock
The confused director of the plot.

So be conscious of your layers
And release them with your prayers
And then you can use the counting of time
To highlight to you when you are aligned.

Thank you.”

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